Thanks to internet/computer issues I’ve been away for a while, not posting. What better way to return than with a Five Minute Friday Post.


I will always remember the laughter.

When we first “met” I was looking over the partition in the college cafeteria. You were behind me and said something funny. We joked together for a few minutes. Once we each had our food, we went our separate ways and joined our already seated (and eating) friends.  

The next time we ‘met’ was again in the college cafeteria (hmm, I’m noticing a trend here).  You were helping pay for your education by working in the kitchen. At the moment you were goofing off because there was nothing to do at the time. Once we made eye contact  it seemed your goal was to make me laugh, which you did.

I had to know this hot looking guy who made me laugh. One of my friends said she knew you and would introduce us. She didn’t really know you, but she maneuvered us together and we introduced ourselves.

Through the next 35 years you continued to make me laugh. Oh sure there were days of tears.  But through it all you enjoyed life, and tried to make sure everyone around you did too.

Even when you left this world, you did it laughing. Everyone who knows you knows the story you told, repeatedly, during your last days. You might have been confined to a hospital bed, but your sense of humor could not be curtailed.

When I think of you (daily) I always remember the laughter.

There you go, five minutes on the word “remember”. No editing, no over thinking, just writing.

For those of you new here, Five Minute Friday is the brainchild of Lisa-Jo, The Gypsy Mama. She posts a word and a multitude of bloggers write for five minutes on that word. Check out her blog and read some of the awesome stories others share. You’re also welcome to play along. If you do, please come back here and leave a comment letting us know and link up with Lisa-Jo, she has a linky which I haven’t figured out yet.


7 thoughts on “Rembember?

    1. Nita Post author

      Vivian and Amy, thanks for stopping and commenting. Somehow many of my Five Minute Friday posts end up being about David. Glad ya’ll enjoyed it. ~Nita

  1. Carolyn Counterman

    How lovely, Nita. You are a quilter who wrote about losing someone. I wrote about the quilter I lost (though I didn’t mention her quilts in my Five Minute Friday post). Mama loved quilting. I have several of her quilts and I don’t let just anyone use them. 😉 I do not sew at all, so all of Mama’s quilting supplies (including that long frame that Daddy had made) went to my sister-in-law. How I wanted to hang on to those scraps. And the two quilt tops that were already sewn… just because they were part of Mama. *sigh* I’m sorry you lost the love of your life. It sounds like you have some great memories. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Nita Post author

      Carolyn, Thanks for commenting. I always tell people that they don’t have to be a quilter to appreciate or love quilts, thanks for proving my point. 🙂 I understand not letting anyone use your mama’s quilts, I hope you have them where you can see them and they’ll remind you of the good memories with your mom. You can hang them on a quilt rack, or folded along the bottom of the bed, even as a top cover for a spare bed (to be removed before the bed is slept in.) ~Nita


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