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Best Present, Worst Present

The worst present I ever received was also the best present.

the house shortly after moving day.

the house shortly after moving day.

In 2006 he signed the paperwork for our very first house. The first house we (along with the bank) would own. The first house we couldn’t lose because someone else decided they wanted to sell it, or some family member needed a house. The first house where he could build his pig barn just the way it wanted, and it would add value.

It was an anniversary gift of sorts. Since he was a teacher, and in the early years we moved during July, our anniversary month, our private joke was he got me a house for our anniversary. Of course, we’d lived in Stuart for 28 years, so there hadn’t been any “house presents” in recent years.

It was a fabulous present to ourselves, our own home.

Except, we never lived in it. WE never lived in it, I do. Oh, we both moved. Just to different “homes.” He actually moved home, to live with God. I on the other hand, moved to our new house, the place that was to be a home.

Now, after seven years, it almost feels like a home. Every day I’m thankful for his worst, and best present to me.

The side yard of our house, a view to love.

What was the best present you ever received?

What was the worst present you ever received?

What is the best present you ever gave?

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Silent Sunday- Some of God’s Handiwork and an Encouragement

Lake in the hills of Colorado.

These are from last year, it's a little early, but given the warm temps expect to find the tree in full bloom any day.

Peach tree 2011

My driveway

The road home


Thanks to internet/computer issues I’ve been away for a while, not posting. What better way to return than with a Five Minute Friday Post.


I will always remember the laughter.

When we first “met” I was looking over the partition in the college cafeteria. You were behind me and said something funny. We joked together for a few minutes. Once we each had our food, we went our separate ways and joined our already seated (and eating) friends.  

The next time we ‘met’ was again in the college cafeteria (hmm, I’m noticing a trend here).  You were helping pay for your education by working in the kitchen. At the moment you were goofing off because there was nothing to do at the time. Once we made eye contact  it seemed your goal was to make me laugh, which you did.

I had to know this hot looking guy who made me laugh. One of my friends said she knew you and would introduce us. She didn’t really know you, but she maneuvered us together and we introduced ourselves.

Through the next 35 years you continued to make me laugh. Oh sure there were days of tears.  But through it all you enjoyed life, and tried to make sure everyone around you did too.

Even when you left this world, you did it laughing. Everyone who knows you knows the story you told, repeatedly, during your last days. You might have been confined to a hospital bed, but your sense of humor could not be curtailed.

When I think of you (daily) I always remember the laughter.

There you go, five minutes on the word “remember”. No editing, no over thinking, just writing.

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