Norman Quilting – A to Z Challenge

We’ve been everywhere.

Ok, not exactly. However, in the last few days we have visited, Kentucky, Texas, Iowa, Colorado, and there are still more faraway places to visit before the month is out.

Today though we’re going to stay a little closer to home.

Norman Oklahoma is just down the road from my house, a short ninety-minute drive (more or less.) Norman is also the home of that college (Oklahoma University), and my uncle was named after the town.

Most important though, Norman is the home of the Norman Area Quilters, a wonderful group of ladies.

This year two quilt shows will be held in Norman. The first is the Cleveland County Homemakers show on May 9-10 at the fairgrounds.

Later in the summer, June 20-21 at the Holiday Inn off of I-35.

It will be fun to visit both of those show this year, and share pictures of some of their beautiful work.

Does your quilt guild or group sponsor a quilt show?

How far do you have to travel to visit the quilt show nearest you?

Have you visited every quilt show in your state?

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5 thoughts on “Norman Quilting – A to Z Challenge

  1. January

    Pani Urlosuo,kzniecznie prosze walczyc o ten chodnik,w dółod jagielly do bramy dzialkowej.tam chodza emeryci,rencisci,a wiec ludzie troche juz niedołezni i dla nich problemem jest pokonanie tego odcinka,dlatego ze wchodniku sa wyrwy,jest on b.nierowny ,mozna sie bez problemu potknać,upaść itd.powodzenia:-)

  2. Sue Kuentz

    I love visiting the Houston Quilting conference – huge! I’m an admirer only of quilts but my A-Z post is on Quilts and stories so we have a connection! Nice visiting:)


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