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Basting Before Quilting

Do you baste your quilts before quilting them? If you use a long arm quilter or machine probably not. What about for hand quilting, tying, or quilting on your smaller machine?

A couple of weeks back I shared a tutorial on using your home machine for quilting. While it’s a great instructional video on quilting, the three layers must first be held together or you’ll have all kinds of shifting, creating a lopsided quilt. Most of the instructions, or suggestions I’ve seen for basting a quilt involved spreading it out on the floor.

Sounds good, except I don’t have that much floor space. Not to mention, the floor is a loooong way down, and getting up is, let’s just say interesting. Which is why I was so excited to find Sharon Schamber’s tutorial on basting a quilt.

Using two boards, which my son generously shared with me from his stash. I have a stash of fabric, he has a stash of lumber. 🙂 I first tried the method out on a prayer quilt. Rather than basting the quilt, I tied it as I progressed. It was a much better system than I’d been trying to use, with limited success.

Sharon’s website offers a wealth of quilting info and pictures.

So how do you connect the three layers of your quilts, by hand quilting, tying, or machine quilting? Do you baste them first?

I hope you enjoy the tutorials. I apologize for the disjointed posts. Hopefully, everything is on track now. Except for the fact this blog is still evolving. Eventually, I’ll find my rhythm, thanks for hanging in and being patient during the process.


Quilt Basting Tutorials

It was either an end of summer cold, or first of fall cold, either way, I was sick. I HATE being sick.  Not only was I sick, but it was contagious. Once I was feeling better and ready to play on the computer, it was sick. Lightening apparently accompanied the wonderful rain we’d so badly needed. Funny, I didn’t notice it, still, it knocked my internet connection out. 

Once the computer and I were both feeling better, I went blog surfing. The first helpful blog I found was Vickie’s at, Sew Inspired. She has great tutorial for pin basting a quilt. This is the first method I learned, although it would’ve been easier to have seen her instructions first. 🙂  The only problem with this method is that it works best on the floor. I’m 5’9, the floor is a l-o-n-g ways down, and an even longer ways back up. Still, it’s a good method and one worth trying if you’ve never basted a quilt before.

The next blog I found sent me to Sharon Schamber’s quilt basting videos. I’m anxious to try her method. I’ll still need to find a space long enough, however the dinning room table will work if I add a couple of extensions. Sharon’s helpful instructional videos come in two parts, part one, and part 2: Another blogger put me onto Sharon and her unique method, I wish I could remember who it was.  Sharon’s method looks like I can do it easily, without getting down on the floor. It definitely looks like something I can do and am anxious to try it.

There were a couple of other blogs of interest, and encouragement. I’ll share them tomorrow.

According to the calendar, despite my cold, it’s still September, which means it’s still National Sewing Month. So, Today’s Tip is:

Change your sewing machine needle after eight hours of sewing, or when you begin a new project. It will help you avoid skipped stitches or weak seams. Keep your used needles in a special place to use when sewing on paper.