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A Quilted Goodbye

        Fifteen year old Ceaira (pronounced sierra) is on her way home and the people of Henryetta Oklahoma are working to fulfill her last wish. Ceaira grew up in Henryetta and that is home to her. Two years ago her step-father had to move the family out-of-state to follow his job. Unfortunately family finances were not going to stretch to include the ability to return Ceaira to her hometown for her final resting place. While Ceaira will not be there, but will have gone to her true home, she wanted her body resting near her friends.

Her friends in Henryetta have done several projects to raise money for her, including a benefit quilt show.  I tried to line-up the three pictures at the top of the blog. As you can see, WordPress and I don’t speak the same language.

The first picture is a collage of Ceaira that greeted attendees when they entered the show. The middle is the sign outside advertising the show, and the last picture is one of Ceaira looking happy and healthy.

The show included a silent auction, a concession stand,  as well, over 48 quilts or quilt tops for display, and this hand embroidered, hand quilted lap size quilt:

Each embroidered picture is an icon from route 66. Also on display were these quilts:

A quilt of strips, using up leftovers to make a quilt of comfort and love.

More scraps. This one was a group project. Members sewing the strips, and the assembler would tell them what colors she needed to make it all come together and look like it was planned.

No, the one inch squares were NOT strip pieced, or sewn on a machine. She cut her small scraps into 1 1/2 inch pieces and hand stitched them when she had a few minutes. Before long she had enough to surround the other blocks.

I just love the look of this quilt. Combining log cabin blocks with fan blocks makes a fun quilt.

A fun quilt made for a granddaughter who was in a black and white phase when the quilt was started. As you can see, she embraced color before the quilt was finished. Each block is used twice, the pieces are turned making them reverse blocks. The blocks are all squares or half-square triangles. Definitely going to try this one. 🙂Love this quilt. It’s called the Underground Railroad. Before Saturday I thought the Underground Railroad referred to a sampler quilt made with specific blocks. However, the name on this one identified it as an Underground Railroad quilt. Further study, with a couple of other ladies, revealed that it could be a Jacob’s Ladder quilt if the pieces were turned different.

I’ll finish up with two Wedding Ring quilts. That pattern is one of my favorite, and the one I haven’t had the courage to try yet. I have some ideas, so I may try it soon.

Hope you enjoyed this abbreviated view of the quilts on display. The money raised at the show, and various other avenues in recent weeks, help the family fulfill their daughter’s last wish. In addition the hope is the family is comforted by the caring and love shown by the people who supported the effort. Ceaira and her family are in God’s hands, he just them feel our hands of love.
Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.  John 5:24





Networking, Partying for Quilters and Authors


Finding readers for our blogs and meeting new people is often tricky. Why not have, or attend a party? After all, who doesn’t like a party? And, if the party will help you find new friends, readers, and customers, it’s the best kind. Plus, you don’t have to get all dressed up and drive to these parties. They’re held online. Sweet!

What kind of party does all that? A Linky Party. No, it’s not a party with different chain links. It’s a party with blog links. A  place where bloggers can meet, share information about their blog, and find other blogs of similar interests. All this sharing creates more traffic and new readers for everyone.

Linky parties are sometimes called a Blog Carnival, Blog Hop, even a Meme. Whatever they’re called, they’re fun and help you meet new readers and friends.

There are link parties for every type of blog. Since I’m a writer (mostly inspirational, faith-based writing) and a quilter, writing,  inspirational and quilting posts those are the parties that most interest me.

Here are a couple of writing linkies. Unfortunately  there doesn’t seem to be one blog or website to serve as a landing-place for other author or inspirational blogs that also host parties. If you have, or know of a blog with a linky party for writers in general and/or inspirational writers, please leave the URL in the comments section.

First up on the Linky tour is Lisa Jo, also known as, The Gypsy Mama,  Lisa sponsors Five Minute Friday, a party for bloggers write on the prompt she provides for five minutes, no over-thinking, no editing, posts on their blog, and link up with her. Lisa Jo is both an inspirational blogger, and an author blogger. Her prompts generally lead to inspirational posts.

Next up is Madison Woods  and her Friday Fictioneers. For this party, bloggers write something based on a photo Madison posts. Did I mention it’s fiction?

Another writing party is the Six Sentence Sunday, held by  Carol Shenold  on her website. For Six Sentence Sunday she invites authors to leave six sentences from their work, on their own blog, and then leave their blog address in her comments section. The six sentences can come from a recently published book the author is promoting, or six sentences from a WIP (work in progress). Bloggers’ choice.

Crafting and sewing blog parties seem to be all over the internet. There are at least three blogs, The Blog Guide Book, The Well Crafted Home blog, and Carol’s Homework; Today’s Assignment, Be Inspired, that list linky party blogs on their blogs.

Two of the blogs listed are:  Sumo’s Sweet Stuff and Free Pretty Things for You. Sumo’s Sweet Stuff has, Market Yourself Monday. A blog party for  crafters to link up their latest projects, attract new visitors to their site, and visit other blogs to get some inspiration! Free Pretty Things for You has, Whatever You Want Wednesday, a party for DIYers and Crafters to post, well, whatever they want. There are a few rules, every party has its own guidelines.

If you can’t find a party, blog hop, carnival, or meme you like, why not start your own? Liz the Party Girl, and her husband, Doug the Master of Ceremonies work together on their blog It’s a Blog Party: Celebrating Blogland, have an entire series on linky parties.

Have you tried a Linky party? Feel free to share your party experience with us as well as any parties you support or sponsor.

Stop the Presses! Another “party”.  Ok, “stop the presses” is cliche, and that was the prompt yesterday at Joe Bunting’s blog, The Right Practice.  Since writers, like everyone else, need practice, he posts a prompt/story idea six times a week for his readers to use for fifteen minutes of writing.Yesterday’s prompt was to write using cliches.

Results of the exercise can be posted in the comments section, which will attract readers to your blog, or you can just comment with a link to your blog. Either way it’s a win-win (isn’t that another cliche?) you get to practice writing, thus improving your writing skills, and your attract readers to your blog, and build your blog community.

Time Travel

Looking back. Sometimes it’s a good thing to look back at where we’ve been.

On  Katie Ganshert’s blog today her main character, Bethany took over. Katie is looking forward, or at least planning, on allowing Bethany to return to her hometown. The planned trip has Bethany looking back, way back to her growing up years. So far she doesn’t like what she sees, will the view be different close up?

While Bethany is looking at a real traveling visit, The Quilt Show.com with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims, on their Facebook page today asked, “When you chain piece do you sew all the pieces for all the blocks at once, or do you piece a few blocks at a time?”

To answer the question quilters have to look back, in their memories, at quilts they’ve completed by chain piecing and remembering how they sewed the quilt. The answers, on the Facebook page, vary, and are fun to read.

What we can’t read though are the actual memories. Memories about a particular quilt and the problems it caused, or how easily it went together; memories of the reason for the quilt. Sometimes those memories are happy, we are making a quilt for a loved one to enjoy. Sometimes the memories are sadder, the quilt will never be seen or cover a loved one who has left and gone home. Whatever the memories, they’ve been relegated to where they belong, the past, until we are asked to mentally travel back to that time to answer a question.

Returning to our past, either in our memories or physically will help us today. We can see the mistakes we made, both in quilting and in life and adjust our actions to avoid those same mistakes. Staying in the past isn’t good for anyone, but visiting once in a while can help us tremendously.

One thing I learned when I traveled back to answer the quilt question was that I need to sew one block before chaining the entire quilt. That way I’ll know if I’m sewing them right, not upside down or backwards like I did with this leaf block. You can see it looks nothing like a leaf. Ten blocks had been sewn before I

This is what happens when you get in a hurry to finish a block.

realized the mistake. Most of them were ‘unsewn’, however a couple weren’t. The mixed up blocks will be used in the quilt as “crumpled leaves.” Also, traveling back to when the quilt blocks were made, reminded me to take time and verify the correct order of sewing the patches.

This is how the block is meant to look:

Song of Solomon 2:11-12 (New King James Version)  “For lo, the winter is past, the rains is over and gone.The flowers appear on the earth; the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtle-dove is heard in our land.”

Have you traveled back to your past, either physically or in your mind? How was the trip? Did you learn anything that can help you today?

Learning from Others

Stories are all around us. Stories of quilts, of love, endurance, pain, stories are everywhere. On Tuesday’s this blog is supposed to be about stories, either stories of quilts or reviews of books (longer stories) I enjoyed, and hope you will find interesting.  Wednesday’s are about God’s word.

I know. There was no story yesterday. So today, I’m posting a link to my friend Lorelei’s blog, The Whimsical Mermaid. Loralei is a quilter, sewist, blogger and just plain fun. You can check out her story here. I hope you enjoy her story of a quilt that helped heal a riff, and build a relationship. While you’re there you might want to check out some of her other posts.

And, since today is Wednesday, a day when I normally post a (hopeful) inspirational post, here is one I found inspirational, and hope you do too. It was written by Linda Apple, speaker, author, and OWFI President.

Enjoy the posts. Tomorrow will be tutorial Thursday, and yes, it will be links of tutorials other talented people have generously posted. Enjoy your Wednesday.

Freedom of Speech Threatened?

Romans 8:13-14 – 13 For if you live according to the flesh you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live. 14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.

As many of you know I’m working through Romans 8. I had a very different post planned, however, I’ve learned the US Congress is soon voting on a bill that could censor what we view online. The bill may have been drafted with good intentions, websites and blogs can be blocked. Free speech one of the fundamentals of our constitution can be stilled.

At first I agreed with the petitioners just on general principle, I don’t want any more of my rights eroded away. I thought, my little blog is safe, I don’t write on controversial topics. But, who decides what is controversial? I write about Hope, God, Faith, and Jesus. Could that be considered controversial? If someone in power doesn’t want God’s word spread could my little blog be stopped? What about all the other inspirational bloggers? What about the Bible websites? Could they all be blocked?

On a business level, I write about quilts and quilting. However, I don’t necessarily promote new fabrics or companies selling designer fabrics. I like the designers. I like the fabric they create. I don’t usually buy it, doesn’t mean I don’t buy, it’s just not always my first stop. Will the fabric manufactures stop my little blog because I advocate recycling, up-cycling, reusing fabrics? If I do spotlight one designer, will other manufacturers (who don’t carry that line) want to shut me down for promoting something outside their sales line?

Will our fabric designers websites and blogs be closed because someone doesn’t like the fabric they design? Will writers’ blogs be closed because they write about something “unapproved”?

Tomorrow, in response to this bill many blogs and websites will go black, including this one. Please check out the bill here and make your choice, http://fightforthefuture.org/pipa/

As I said, this started out to be a very different post. However, this is important to me. I hope your freedom to read what you want, where you want (online, in a newspaper, in a book, etc.), when you want is important to you.

















Five Minute Friday – Roar

It’s the first Friday of the New Year and, thankfully, LisaJo at The Gypsy Mama is continuing with Five Minute Fridays. Today’s word: Roar


Our younger grandson recently started roaring. His parents and brothers thought it was cute, which encouraged him to roar more. He’d smile and roar just because he was happy.

He’s not very verbal, so this roaring may have been a way for him to share his happiness. He didn’t roar when he was upset or angry, only when he was happy.

When I visited and he roared for me I couldn’t help but smile too. Not only because he was looking for me to smile or laugh, but because the roar reminded me of his grandpa. My daughter didn’t know why the baby had started to roar. I knew it was because his grandpa taught him to roar.

Either in his sleep, or when he was playing alone, his grandpa would visit and get him to roar. He may have learned it before he was born. His grandpa went to heave long before the child’s birth, maybe while they were both in heaven his grandpa taught him about roaring.

His grandpa went by “Bear” several times in his life. The last, in the months and years before his death. Our first grandson dubbed him “Bear” on their first meeting after they’d spent the afternoon ‘roaring’ at each other.

There you go. Five Minutes of ‘top of the head’ writing. Join us by linking up with The Gypsy Mama, or just pop by and read some of the other ideas. 🙂

After Holiday Debt

 11But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.

12Therefore, brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live after the flesh. Romans 8:11-12 KJV

It’s Wednesday’s word, and I’m back to memorizing Romans 8. I joined up with Do Not Depart several weeks ago in this endeavor.

We just celebrated Jesus’ arrival on this earth. A gift from God. A gift of life everlasting. A gift we can’t pay for. A gift we couldn’t afford if there was a price tag attached. There is no money amount on this precious gift from God.

Instead, we are to accept the gift. We accept Jesus and allow Him to dwell in our hearts.

We accept God’s gift of life. We don’t chase after material items and wants.

This doesn’t mean we can’t have things we desire, but they come after God, after time with the family.  We don’t spend so much time earning money to buy ‘things’ that we don’t spend time with our families and with God. God does not want us to debtors to the flesh.

Oh, some things must be bought on time. We will have to owe the bank, or lending institution for some items. Few people can buy a home outright. Medical expenses often are paid out over time. There are other monetary debts that are necessary, each person and family must make that decision as to what is a worthwhile debt.

The important thing is to not let the debt control our lives. Not let the debt rule us. Not let the debt take the place of God in our lives and hearts.

The New International Reader’s Version (NIRV) translates verse 12:

 12 Brothers and sisters, we have a duty. Our duty is not to live under the control of our sinful nature.

For the quilter in me, that means not living under the control of fabric. Oh sure, I have fabric in every room in my house. And, yes, I’m working on getting a sewing room for both creating, and storing fabric. However, new fabric, patterns, sewing gizmos, and the sewing room are not to take the place of God. It’s one reason I don’t sew on Sunday. For me, not sewing on that day allows me to keep God in first place in my life. It keeps the fabric and the sewing projects from being all-important.  Not to say I’m perfect in any other area, this is just how I attempt to control this area of my life.


No, this isn’t my fabric collection. I don’t have this much fabric – yet. No room, remember? Just thought it’d be fun to show you a large collection of fabric. This is from Fave Crafts Blog.



















What do you do to help avoid living under control of our sinful nature? Share with us.