Quilt Gardens

is for Garden.

Gardens are beautiful (especially if I don’t have to do the work). Flower gardens, those with beautiful blooms are preferrable to the all green of some gardens.


Maybe it’s the quilter in me that loves all the color, I don’t know. I do know that on my list of places to visit is Indiana to take a quilt garden tour.

Just imagine. Wondering around a flower garden inhaling the intoxicating scents of the different plants. Enjoying the riot of color as the patch of one color and flower met with the patch of another.

Why, it might even spark a different color combination idea, or plant the seed for a quilt design.

Enjoying time in the garden is always a pleasure and I’m looking forward to the day I can enjoy both quilts and gardens at the same time in a quilt garden.


Have you ever visited a quilt garden?

Have you ever considered trying to plant a quilt garden?

If you were doing a mini-quilt garden which quilt blocks would you try to replicate?


Today is for the seventh letter of the alphabet (G) in the A to Z challenge. Due to some family challenges I am a few letters behind. Stay tuned, I will catch up.


2 thoughts on “Quilt Gardens

  1. violafury

    What a lovely idea for quilting; a garden! I would love to have a flower garden here in Tampa, but it is a bit too warm for that in the summer. I am a minion of our cohost, DamyantiG, who heads the Theme Reveal team, #teamDamyanti! Thursdays, we hold #AZchat at 8 pm, EDT, if you would care to join and meet new people, there, as well, we’d love to have you! Mary aka Viola Fury @ViolaFury http://www.homelesschroniclesintampa.blogspot.com

    1. Nita Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Violafury. I agree the quilt garden is a wonderful idea and I won’t be planting one anytime soon, if at all. Glad you enjoyed the post, I loved yours on “guffaw.” It made me smile.


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