A to Z Blog Challenge


Thanks to Nancy Doyle, I realized the other day that the A to Z challenge was almost here. For some silly reason I thought it came later in the year, don’t know why.

Sew, I got busy and started thinking what I could do for a theme. Had one too, almost had enough ideas for the month even. For a pantzer like me (a pantzer is someone who does things by the seat of her pants rather than planning) that was amazing. True, the posts weren’t written, but the ideas were there for most of the letters.

Then, the idea changed. No problem, still plenty of time. Next I realized it was time to reveal the theme. Goodness, I hadn’t even signed up yet, and here it is time to post the theme. Good thing the ladies on the quilting page over on Facebook are such troopers.

Thanks to them I now have a theme, Quilty Destinations, and a quilty place for almost every letter. Goodness, I may become a planner yet. Naw, not going to happen.

Stay tuned though. Coming April 1,  there will be a blog post here. Every.Single.Day. Well, except Sundays, we take Sundays off. Which is fair, I don’t sew on Sunday, so I guess no traveling on Sunday either. At least  on the blog.

Come along in April and Travel with me to different Quilty destinations.


3 thoughts on “A to Z Blog Challenge

  1. Melissa @ The Coupon Chronicles

    Hi Nita, I have never quilted, but we were just talking about creating a quilt with one of my Girl Scout troops, where each girl would make a number of squares, and then we would put them all together as one quilt. Visiting from the challenge, I will swing back by and visit again. 🙂

  2. Fanny Barnes Thornton

    It’s good to find you here, Nita, and thanks for your comment.
    You’ve perhaps been quilting for more years than I have, and have so much more knowledge and I’ll be dropping by during the Challenge to find out about those wonderful ‘Quilty Destinations’.
    My A-Z is more general; just picking out some names of blocks and quilts, mostly.
    I like the idea of your ‘pantzer’. All my best wishes.


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