Amish and Quilting


The A to Z challenge begins.

The A to Z challenge begins.

A is for Amish. While Ohio and Pennsylvania are known for their Amish communities. Oklahoma also has a couple of nice size Amish areas and they have auctions each year featuring their quilts. Clarita is the home of Since this blog is about quilts and quilting,

Visiting the Clarita Amish Auction means lots of walking, eating good food, and admiring beautiful quilts. The ladies make quilts using traditional patterns as well as new ones.

A couple of years ago, Paula Nelson, my friend, and partner in my local quilt store, Prairie Notionsdesigned this quilt for one of the Amish ladies to make.


While the price of the quilts put them well past my spending range, looking at them is free.  The food however, I can afford and enjoy sampling their wonderful cooking at the auction as well as purchasing breads, cakes, and candies to take home and savor.

Is there an Amish community near your?

Have you ever had the opportunity to purchase an Amish quilt?

Have you ever sewn a quilt by hand?

Joining other bloggers with  the A to Z challenge.  Stop by and see what some of the other bloggers are up to.


2 thoughts on “Amish and Quilting

  1. trishafaye

    Wonderful ‘A’ theme! Such beautiful Amish quilts.
    I have a set of 30 friendship quilt blocks, made in 1934 in Athelstan Iowa. (a town no longer there). Three of the blocks are unsigned (all the others are signed) & done in bold red and black, one in light blue. I believe they were done by Amish in the area.
    BTW I love the name of your blog.

  2. vanillabean

    I grew up in the heart of Amish country in Ohio! Still get back regularly to visit family. I cannot imagine hand-stitching an entire quilt. Stitching a wall-hanging with large, uneven, “decorative” stitches was more than enough for me. I don’t have the patience for the discipline that takes!


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