Best Present, Worst Present

The worst present I ever received was also the best present.

the house shortly after moving day.

the house shortly after moving day.

In 2006 he signed the paperwork for our very first house. The first house we (along with the bank) would own. The first house we couldn’t lose because someone else decided they wanted to sell it, or some family member needed a house. The first house where he could build his pig barn just the way it wanted, and it would add value.

It was an anniversary gift of sorts. Since he was a teacher, and in the early years we moved during July, our anniversary month, our private joke was he got me a house for our anniversary. Of course, we’d lived in Stuart for 28 years, so there hadn’t been any “house presents” in recent years.

It was a fabulous present to ourselves, our own home.

Except, we never lived in it. WE never lived in it, I do. Oh, we both moved. Just to different “homes.” He actually moved home, to live with God. I on the other hand, moved to our new house, the place that was to be a home.

Now, after seven years, it almost feels like a home. Every day I’m thankful for his worst, and best present to me.

The side yard of our house, a view to love.

What was the best present you ever received?

What was the worst present you ever received?

What is the best present you ever gave?

Hooking up ( a couple of days late) with Lisa Jo Baker and Five Minute Friday.


7 thoughts on “Best Present, Worst Present

  1. Valerie

    What a beautiful post, Nita. My heart came crashing down at one point during it; I’m sure you can figure out when that spot was. Hugs to you, fellow blogger and writer. ~Valerie, visiting from 5 Minute Friday

  2. mrcrafter(Dennis Mullins Sr.)

    That is a sad story. The worst gift someone gave me was a pair of shoes they paid $5.00 for and they looked so ugly I don’t know of anyone that would want them. The best gift I bought for myself was a new sewing machine. I would never ask someone to buy me something like that. Have a great day and “Keep on Sewing”.

    1. Nita Post author

      Mr. Crafter, buying a gift for yourself is the best way to get exactly what you want. After all, who but you knows what you want in a sewing machine. Sorry about the ugly shoes, did you find a way to turn them into a craft project?

  3. Willa Fuller

    The worst present I ever got was an ironing board cover (he thought I would love it because it had butterflies on it) and several pair of giant granny panties (I was pregnant). The best was a Bible from a dear friend who had to put it on layaway because it was so “faincy”. Also, any gift that is a gift certificate to a fabric shop ranks right up there too. Although, at some point I have to set a moratorium or rent a warehouse. **Snicker**

    1. Nita Post author

      Willa, Oh.My.Goodness. Granny panties? Really? Silly man! Pregnant or not, we don’t want something like that! Love that your best gift was a “fancy” Bible from a friend. Yes, gift certificates to our favorite fabric shops are fabulous gift ideas.Thanks for stopping and sharing your gifts. 🙂


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