Brave Enough

Once again linking up with Lisa Jo Baker and others for Five Minute Friday.

I promised myself I’d start back up with the Five Minute Friday in May. Here is it Saturday, and the Five Minute Friday post for yesterday is just now going up. But, better late than not at all.


We often think and even say someone is brave, much braver than we’d be in the same circumstances.

But, here’s the thing, we’re as brave as we need to be at any given moment if we just allow ourselves to be.

When God called my husband home, several of my friends said, “Oh, I don’t know how you do it. I don’t know what I’d do if it was me.” And then later when I’d do something different, “You are so brave.”

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

First no one knows what we’d do in someone else’s shoes. We haven’t been there yet so how can we know? I certainly didn’t know what I’d do when left alone. Not completely alone of course, God was always with me, and my husband’s memory stays. But, physically, alone.

I just took one step at a time. Sometimes not even whole steps. Sometimes not even steps, I just stood still and let God hold me up. But, one day, one hour, one minute at a time, I muddle through.

It’s the same for everyone. Whatever their challenge, we all bravely face it a piece at a time.

The same way we make a quilt, even a difficult one. We do one row, one block, one patch at a time.

There are quilts I haven’t gotten brave enough to tackle yet, maybe I never will. Yet, there are others that I do with relish. Brave as I need to be for the project at hand.

We are as brave as we need to be at the moment. Don’t worry that you don’t have the bravery of someone else, you don’t need it yet. What are you bravely facing today?

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4 thoughts on “Brave Enough

  1. Leese

    Nita, thanks for sharing that bit of your story.

    And what a beautiful analogy here:

    It’s the same for everyone. Whatever their challenge, we all bravely face it a piece at a time.

    The same way we make a quilt, even a difficult one. We do one row, one block, one patch at a time.

    Thank you for that.

  2. Marisa Slusarcyk

    Hi, I followed you on Five Minute Friday –er Saturday 😛 I am sorry to hear about your husband but I love how you say God took him home… I feel the same way about my lost pregnancies, my babies were lucky enough to be born into Gods arms. What a blessing though hard for those of us who remain here waiting for our name to be called so that we may go home to those same embracing arms. I also love how you use a quilt, though I don’t quilt and I would love to learn I have yet to try (mostly because I am in a small town and fabric is hard to find at best) but each patch of a quilt is representative of a moment or a time in life. I am sure as you quilt each stitch and each missed stitch reminds you of something, be it wonderful or sad or tragic your heart and soul are sewn into your work and will live on long after you are gone. What a beautiful and wonderful thing to gift to people who love you. The opportunity for your hands to hold and hug them even when they are physically alone! God bless you my dear, I pray that God continues to work in you so that your cup will overflow and the good will always over ride the bad. ~ Marisa ~

  3. Deb Dutilh

    What a beautiful metaphor, Nita. I agree with you that it’s not about being brave. When it’s our own journey, it’s about instinctively putting one foot in front of the other, often into uncharted waters, exploring, discovering and growing.


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