Patterns, Quiet and Rectangles of Quilts

Patterns are so pretty and make a project go faster and easier. So, why don’t I follow them? Good question.

I do sometimes, however I often, I veer off on my own. Sometimes it’s to make an adjustment (or ten) to an existing pattern. Often, my veering has more to do with my impatience, and the fact that I made an error. Rather than unsew a patch, or several, I just decide that’s the look I intended, and I continue along that path.

Other times, I will see the finished project, or a picture of it, and not have a pattern. I must construct a pattern if I want the project. So I do, making changes along the way.

There are times, however, when making a patchwork pattern, when following the instructions are the best way to have the desired look. I first fell in love with patchwork quilts way back in the day and they are still my primary quilt love. Although, I’ve seen some beautiful non patchwork quilts that offer their own brand of pleasure.

Quilts in general are a source of pleasure, regardless of their type.

Which quilts give you the most pleasure? Do you admire one type of quilt, and make another?

On her blog, Nancy Doyle wrote about quiet being the naturally soothing and wrote and thought-enabling event that is missing from most of our lives.

A quilt helps us create and/or enjoy the quiet. As children we made tents and forts with the quilts and hid inside. In the tent we were far away from the noise of the day. We lived in our own little private, wonderful world, the quilts held the world at bay.

As adults, the cocoon quilt often serves as our fortress of solitude. We wrap up in the quilt. We burrow down and allow the quilt to protect us from the worries of the day, and hold the noise and problems at bay. At least for a few hours.

When sewing on a quilt the noise of the day recedes into the recesses of my mind. The beauty of the quilt in front of me and the process of sewing it together, silences the noise of the day.

Squares. Rectangles. Just think of the quilts  made with only those two shapes. It’s only right, since the finished product is usually a square or rectangle.

Consider these quilts, made entirely of rectangles:

First up is one made by a McAlester Ok quilter. I took this picture at a craft fair a few years ago when she had the quilt on display and for sale. It was one of the few she had that wasn’t a cross-stitch quilt.

flour sack fabric, four patch made with rectangles.  made by Pat Cotton, McAlester OK

flour sack fabric, four patch made with rectangles. made by Pat Cotton, McAlester OK

My version of a rail-fence quilt made for my granddaughter in pinks.


This panel quilt is one of two I made for the two youngest grandsons a couple of years ago. I didn’t even add to it as I usually do with panel quilts. Just added a backing and some quilting and called it good.


What about you? Are squares and rectangles the most popular shape in your quilt block arsenal? Maybe you enjoy including, triangles, diamonds, circles and hexagons? What’s your favorite?

Ok, I am caught back up for the A to Z blog challenge. A bit behind on the UBC challenge, but progress is being made.




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