Quilts are Magic

From A to Z Blog Challenge.

I love magic. Even when I know how a magic trick is completed, they fascinate me.

When I was a kid (yes, really I was) television shows that had a “how-to” segment  would often have the next step completed and they’d say, “through the magic of television we have one right here.”

Now, I knew they’d made the projects several times and stopped in various stages to have examples to show. Still, I loved that phrase, “through the magic…”

Not all television magic was fun. Miss Nancy’s magic mirror was a fake. I knew it then, because no matter how still I sat, or how hard I concentrated, her mirror never saw a “Nita.” It had to be fake, that’s all there was to it.

What does all of this have to do with quilt?

Simple really. There are magic quilts. Quilts that start out one way and end up another. Quilts with a disappearing name, the disappearing nine patch, the disappearing four patch, even the disappearing sixteen patch.  These start out as simple block quilts, a nine, four or sixteen patch. However, the end result looks nothing like a simple set of same – sized blocks sewn together.

The Disappearing Nine-Patch. Starts with all the blocks the same size

The Disappearing Nine-Patch. Starts with all the blocks the same size

Then there is the magical healing qualities of a quilt and quilting.

Designing, and/or sewing on a quilt calms cranky mommas, gives them a little time for themselves and is relaxing. Snuggling under a quilt when ill is comforting, and eases the pain somewhat.  Sew days give us the magic of time with friends  to sew, quilt and visit.

Quilts are magical in so many ways. Do you have a magical quilt?

This post is part of the A to Z blog challenge.



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