Quilts for Kids or Keepsakes?

Yes, I know there is a multitude of quilt categories between those made for children and those made to be heirloom quilts.

However, since I have six children and six grandchildren, most of my quilts are either for a child (even an adult child), or are kid-friendly. I like quilts that are made to be used, loved, and washed. If they wear out that’s ok, they were made with love, to share the love.

Few of my keepsake quilts are true heirloom quilts. They were made to be used, most are simple patchwork quilts. These are handmade, hand-stitched, made by someone no longer with us, so they are special and worthy of being kept. However they are not what many people today make to be saved and handed down.

I guess I’m just too practical, I want my family to use the quilts I make. That, and I’m impatient, I don’t want to take all the time needed to make an intricate, heirloom quilt.

We need both types of quilts, those meant for loving and using, and those for saving and treasuring, using with care, and handed down to the next generation. Although, sometimes a quilt falls in both categories. I still have the simple quilt my grandmother made for me, it’s used and worn, but I have it.

My children also have the quilts their grandmother made for them. Those quilts are not quite as worn. I had more blankets available, which meant the quilts weren’t used on a daily basis.

By the way, my children, those six I mentioned earlier? Three of them are my biological children, and three of them married my biological children. Now I have six children. See?

Whether you make keepsake quilts, or kid-friendly quilts, I hope you enjoy the process and your quilts.

Do you have a kid-friendly quilt that has also stood the test of time and is a keepsake quilt? Or, do your quilts fall into definite categories, those that are kid-friendly and meant to be used on a daily basis, and those that are meant to be displayed and passed down to the next generation?




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