Here Come da Judge, The Quilt Judge


“Here come da Judge, here come da Judge.”  Anyone remember that phrase from way back when?

Quilters also have judges. Actually, our own judgement of our work is far more critical than that of others. My quilt guild has tried to adopt the philosophy, “In 100 years will a rider on a galloping horse notice the issue?”

Of course, in 100 years, there may not be people riding horses and galloping around. Who knows? Another trick we try to incorporate is to put the offending block on the design wall, or have someone hold it up, put a little distance between the quilter and the questionable project. If the quilter can’t see the issue from a few feet away, it’s not worth the stress on the quilter and the fabric to remove the mistake and fix it.

A quilt destined for a judged quilt show however needs to be a perfect as possible. Because that’s what we’re competing with. Well, others are, so far I haven’t put any of my quilts in a show to be judged.

Quilt judges look for square corners, sharp points, matching seams and straight edges. In addition to the official quilt judge visitors are also often invited to judge. When visitors enter the show they are asked to vote for their favorite quilt. These votes are counted at the end of the show and a ribbon for “people’s favorite” is awarded to the quilter with the most votes.

Choosing a favorite quilt is not an easy task.I’m always glad that I don’t have the job of official quilt judge because it’d be difficult to select the best quilt.

If you’re a quilter have you ever entered a quilt in a judged show? If you’re not a quilter, have you participated in an activity that required a judge or do you avoid those activities?



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