Quilting Groups

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Quilt guilds and groups are great for learning, sharing, and girl time. I love the my guild, and visit a couple of others regularly.

For many years I didn’t attend, or even know there were quilt guild nearby. Back in  the early seventies when I first tried quilting I had no idea there was such a thing as a quilt group.

My local library didn’t have any books on quilting, and the librarian was less than helpful. When I asked for a book on how to make a quilt, she responded, “we don’t have one, when you get one made you can write one.”

Right. I didn’t have a clue how to make a quilt, and she thought I could write a book? I think she was being sarcastic because I’d asked for something not in the library, and something she saw as useless or unnecessary.

Even if there had been a quilt group or guild, I doubt I’d have gone. Back in those days, teenage girls weren’t always accepted in women’s groups.

I made that first horrendous quilt top, and didn’t try again for several years. While in college, and for the first several years of married life I contented myself with collecting quilt magazines and patterns.

When I once again ventured into quilt making I still didn’t know of a local quilt group. When I learned there was one in our small community, I didn’t join, I felt too young and in adequate around the older skilled women. It wasn’t until after all the kids were grown, and married that I ventured into a quilt meeting.

In addition to the Material Girls Quilt Guild, in Allen Oklahoma, I often visit the Stuart Quilters, and a Bernia club in Oklahoma City. Sometimes, I visit other small quilting groups in the area.

Not all clubs are large, or structured. A quilting group in McAlester has 5 members, there are no dues, no business meetings, they just get together every Tuesday and hand quilt for themselves, friends, or others who ask. They don’t put the quilt top together, they just quilt. There are a group of ladies near Ardmore that gather in the home of one lady and she teaches them about quilting. Again, no dues, or structure, just fellowship, learning, and sewing.

Do you belong to a quilt group (or other group if you aren’t, gasp, a quilter?)

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3 thoughts on “Quilting Groups

  1. Carlana

    Hi Nita. I admire quilters and other crafty people. I lost my crafty mojo when I as a teen and my peers thought it unpopular, but I’m getting it back now. thanks for sharing

  2. Margaret

    I just joined my first quilt guild. I also meet every other Tuesday and sew with a group of ladies at our church. I also teach a sewing class at church twice a month. I also get together at my LQS once in a while and sew with a few ladies. The only one with dues or structure is the guild. I enjoy sewing with friends.


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