Quilters are NOT Hoarders

Today, from A to Z blogging is the letter H.





Hand stitching





Just a few of the many quilt-related words beginning with H.

Wait! Hoarding and hoarders?

Yes, hording and hoarders. Now, mind you, we don’t think we’re hoarding and we certainly don’t think of our fellow quilt enthusiasts as hoarders. However, our friends, family, and strangers see our over-flowing supply of fabric (let’s not get into threads, machines, and other accessories) as the “makings of a hoarder.”

They are wrong. Every piece of fabric in our possession has a purpose. We may not know what the purpose is when we save or purchase the fabric, but we know there is one.

Some quilters will limit their fabric selection size. Some only purchase precuts, those cute 5 1/2 to 10 1/2 inch squares, the long 2 1/2 inch strips, or fat quarters.

Me? I’ll buy whole yardage, two to five yards of a fabric I like. Of course, I also sew clothes and other projects which take more than a precut.

Others limit the size of fabric they’ll save. My quilting friend Mary, throws out anything smaller than 2 1/2 inches. She says, “I’m not messing with anything smaller.”

Me? If I think I can sew it, or fuse it, it gets saved. This sometimes leads to me saving scraps I know in my heart will never be used. I’m working on culling those teeny-tiny pieces from my collection. Although, quilters who enjoy string quilts probably use every last scrap, regardless of the size.

I recently went through my tub of scraps. Okay, one of my tubs. After pulling out several pieces for a class I’m teaching, more for a stalled project,  and a few more for improv blocks, I’m still left with a full tub of scraps.

Scrap collage 4-9-13 blog post

I even tossed out some of those teeny-tiny pieces. Still, the tub is full. Although, it’s not quite as packed as before.

No, quilters are not hoarders. Ever scrap of fabric has a purpose. I promise.


4 thoughts on “Quilters are NOT Hoarders

  1. Willa

    The ultimate purpose is to provide a great estate sale for the quilters you leave behind. (A quilter who recently attended TWO..of those estate sales.) I was secretly thinking.. here is the future of my stash! But at least my daughter will get what she likes out of it! And she knows my friends!

  2. dinadove

    This was so fun. You sure reminded me of all the scraps of fabric I’ve got saved. I find good buys and save sometimes for years. They always come in handy in the end.

    For anyone that quilts, this is a great blog. I shared on twitter.

  3. Nancy

    I would love to apply this approach to the extra stuff in my house, but I doubt it would work! Still…I save magazines and images for SoulCollage® work, which sounds similar to what you describe. You just never know what image might appeal to someone–or to yourself–at any given time. So they stay, and they accumulate, and I do worry about the day when there will be no room for me in my house. 😉 Here’s hoping it never gets to that point!

  4. Leese

    Love this: “Ever scrap of fabric has a purpose. I promise.”

    SO true! (That said, I’m moving soon and was just going through my fabric – and scraps – too. Well, those in my house. I’ll tackle what’s in storage another day! ha!)


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