Embroidery and Embellish for Quilts

Today, for the A to Z challenge the letter is E. In my quilting world E is for embellishment and embroidery, two things I do very seldom. Other quilters though often combine the two and embellish their quilts with embroidery.

For the letter D, here, I shared some album quilts with names embroidered on them. Trisha Faye over at Calico Connection shared  Sunbonnet Sue blocks with identifying name and date.

However, names on quilt blocks and album quilts weren’t the only times our great grandmothers embroidered their quilts.

They also used embroidery to embellish their crazy quilts. It was a good practice, after all how many samplers does a household need? Plus, it allowed the girls to perfect their stitches before embarking on the samplers.

DMC Threads has a good embroidery tutorial if you’ve never tried.

If the video inspires you to take up embroidery, you might want to check out Kassiah’s Blog. For the letter E she discussed ways to organize and store embroidery thread. Enjoy.

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5 thoughts on “Embroidery and Embellish for Quilts

  1. Chris

    If you could see my threads you would be horrified. Every now and then I make an effort to tidy them up, well I have to or else it would be impossible to manage.

  2. Anonymous

    Neat blog! The information on crazy quilts was new to me. I’ve always wondered why embroidery was used on them.

  3. Katie Semple

    Nita, that was an interesting anecdote about the different uses quilters had for embroidery. I can just imagine mothers and grandmothers teaching their girls how to do proper stitching.


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