Blocks, Bear Paws, Boats and Binding

 is for Blocks.  Most quilts are designed and sewn using blocks. There are those that don’t, but this is B day, so only quilts that use blocks are considered.

One of my favorite blocks, which happens to be a B block is the Bear Paw block, like these two:

Two Bear Paw Pattern blocks. Never quite understood why all four “paws” are so close together.

Although when I make the Bear Paw block, I don’t put all four “paws” together. I much prefer them to be separated by other blocks.  Like this Bear Paw block that went in one corner of a grandson’s quilt, the other three “paws” went in the other corners.

One Bear Paw block. Set in the corner of the quilt with the other 3 "paws" taking up the other corners.

One Bear Paw block. Set in the corner of the quilt with the other 3 “paws” taking up the other corners.

B is also for Boat,  check out this fun tutorial from the Missouri Quilt Company:

Finally, there is B for binding, which is the most popular method of finishing a quilt. There is what I call the pillowcase method, sew all around three and a half sides, leaving a portion of one side open. Clip the corners, and turn the quilt right side out, pushing out the corners. Tuck in the open area and top stitch around the quilt. Ta-da. A finished quilt. Of course this only works if you don’t want the back also quilted.

When the backside is also quilted, which is normal by the way, I do a backwards binding. Instead of sewing to the front side, or top, of the quilt I sew it to the back side. Then I fold the binding over the seam, it to the front (this is what most quilters put on the back) and pin in place. Those clips that look like hair clips work wonderful. Next I either top stitch it close to the edge of the binding or use a decorative stitch to attach it. That’s it, quilt it bound and finished. Not a method most quilters use, but it works for me.


3 thoughts on “Blocks, Bear Paws, Boats and Binding

  1. txblubelle

    That’s a great idea on the bear paws in the corner! The love and care people put into a quilt amazes me. I’m so glad there are quilters like you in the world! ~ MJ Schrader

  2. Gwen Tanner

    I’m not a quilter by any means, but I find it amazing. I tried making a velvet quilt once and it was a disaster because I didnt know what I was doing! I like your style of using the bear paw!


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