A blog challenge has been delivered and I have accepted it. Two, in fact.

First, is the blogging A to Z. Bloggers are challenged to post on their blogs every day in April and those post must follow the alphabet. Every post will be about something that starts with that day’s letter.

Which means Monday, April 1, this blog will be about applique. A is for applique. So it will go, every day, for the entire month. Well, every day except Sundays. With Sundays out of the lineup there are 26 days in April. Coincidentally, there are 26 letters in the American alphabet. Pretty handy.

That’s challenge one, to blog every Monday through Saturday following the alphabet.

Challenge two is from The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

That goal is to simply post every day. This time every day includes Sundays. The goal for April is to post every day. Every. Single. Day.

Stay tuned for Monday, the day of Applique, and the first day of a month of daily posts.

Have you taken any blog or life challenges lately? Did you succeed? Did they help you reach your goal?


2 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. seespeakhearmama

    Thanks for stopping by my blog….also taking the time to like and post a comment. As connected as the virtual world brings us…when I submit a post I feel alone until someone makes a comment…affirming that I have indeed been heard. I am a fairly new blogger…the challenges you have accepted sound fun….ambitious but fun. I hope one day to be able to accept such a task. Blessed weekend to you!


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