A Challenge is More than a Dare

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I mentioned here about my newest addiction, blog hops and challenges. And yes, I’ve fallen under the spell of another one. I’m a little surprised that I took the bait on this one. It is far outside my normal range.

Some of the challenges I’m participating in are more like dares. I dare myself to complete the task. I dare myself to stay on track with my goals and resolutions for the new year. A challenge is a dare to myself. In some cases I double dog dared myself.

This challenge though is different. Yes, it is a dare in a way. But, it’s also keeping with my word for the year, change. I’m going to try something different, I’m going to try a change. This challenge is an applique pattern designed by Amy Butler. While I love applique, I don’t often use it in my quilts.

Also, this piece is designed to be embellished. I don’t embellish. My quilts are functional quilts. Made and meant to be used. Embellished quilts are seldom put on beds. That’s a change for me, a challenge, to do some embellishing. While it won’t be a traditional functional quilt. First it’ll be too small to put on a bed, and second, it’ll have do-dads (embellishments) on it.

However, once it’s finished I will hang it on the wall. Seeing it will make me smile, and that’s a function.

The hop will actually take place in February. February 21-28 to be exact. We will receive our patterns in the next few days which will give us plenty of time to sew and blog about our beautiful creations, before unveiling them.

Madame Samm is holding the hop/challenge and Marlene, from Stitching by the Lake is our cheerleader.

This isn’t just another challenge though. It offers benefits. First, entering and completing the challenge will help deplete the scrap box. Not a lot, but every little bit helps.

Second, I need to improve my appliquing skills. I haven’t seen the pattern yet, but I’m thinking this will be a machine applique piece. There are times when applique is the only option, for me. Fabric painting, or embroidery are also options. However, they don’t have the appeal for me that applique does.

Here’s a picture of a quilt I made three years ago that demonstrates how much help my applique need.

tyler's baby quilt

Ok, my camera skills need improving too. I don’t think you can see how bad the stitching is on the appliqued boys. Trust me, it could be improved. That’s the goal with this challenge, to improve my appliquing prowess.

It’s not just a challenge for challenge sake. It’s a challenge with a purpose.


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