Diving vs Jumping

“Dive right in.” How many times have we said or heard that? I don’t usually dive, I jump. There’s a difference.

Diving is calculated, thought about, and graceful.

Jumping in takes little to no thought, no calculating necessary, and is more clunky than graceful.

Both actions get us into the water, whether real or symbolic. Divers look at the issue, consider what exactly needs to be done, and the method best used before diving in and taking care of business.

Jumpers see the issue, have an idea what needs to be done, and jumps in without thinking about the hows.

This blog is an example of one of my jumps. One late night, or early morning, while visiting in a chat room someone suggested I needed a blog to share my ideas. Now, I’d heard of a blog before as a way to get my name out, but hadn’t really considered it. Here was the idea again. This time, maybe due to the late hour, my feeling of aloneness, or just because I’m a closet rebel, I jumped in and started a blog.

No consideration about what the blog would cover. No plan of posting. No idea of what I was doing. Just jump in and figure it out. As a result, the blog has gone, and is still undergoing, changes and revamping.

A diver would have carefully considered what they wanted their blog to look like, what information they’d want to include, how often they’d blog and many more questions. Those are the blogs that look good from the beginning.

Divers and Jumpers usually get to the same place, in the water. It’s just our method of entering is different.

Are you a diver or a jumper?

Linking up with LisaJo at The Gypsy Mama as part of Five Minute Friday. Rules are simple, write for five minutes on a prompt (I think I went over by a couple of minutes). Post what is written, no editing, no second guessing (good for jumpers, harder for divers). Link up at Gypsy Mama, read and comment on other posts.

Also linking up with Ultimate Blog Challenge. Trying to post daily for the month of January.


One thought on “Diving vs Jumping

  1. Naomi B

    I never thought of the difference between the two! But you are right!
    I am usually a jumper.
    Although in the issue of a blog, this time, I dived :). I jumped with my last one so I deleted it and waited a year before starting another one.
    Thanks for the insight, I’ll have to remember that!


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