Seven Quilty Tutorials

I love scrap quilts, not scrappy quilts, scrap quilts. There is a difference. Today’s tutorial projects all use real scraps. Of course, if you don’t have scraps. You can use charms, or strip sets. Really? No scraps? Can not imagine a house without fabric scraps.

Good thing I like scrap quilts since one of my goals this year is to organize my scraps, and the best way to do that is to simply use them, in a quilt, or other project.

Most of these tutorials are from last year, or older. After all this year just started, there hasn’t been time to post many tutorials. Isn’t it nice they don’t expire and we can go back and find them later?

Remember, these tutorials are shared for your personal use. If you use them please give the original blogger credit. If you wish to make, and sell, the projects using the instructions, please check with the blogger for permission.

This first one is from Michelle at City Houses Studio and is for a scrap asterisk block.

Amy at Badskirt made an even scrappier asterisk block, she called it the Japanese-x, although to me it looks like a scrappy asterisk. What do you think?

String quilts are a popular way to shrink the scrap pile. I’ve thought about making one, but always back out. Now, thanks to Kay, from Miss Print  I have instructions.

Not all tutorials are for quilts or quilt blocks. Sometimes we make quilty projects. Like Kay’s tutorial for making string coasters here. After all, making enough string blocks for a full-size quilt, even a small one takes time. A lot of time. Coasters can be made much quicker. How about a string mug rug even?

Another non-quilt quilty project is this cute patchwork basket from the Pink Penguin.

If you received an e-reader for Christmas (or you plan on making that purchase) a quilted cover would be perfect. Here are two tutorials for you. The first one is from the Sometimes Crafter. It’s a cute pouch you can slip your reader into. If you don’t have an e-reader it’d be a nice little pouch to hold other items.

Clover and Violet made a different type cover. Theirs holds the reader in place and you “open” it like a book.

For even more tutorials check out FaveQuilts. They are currently offering a free e-book with twelve quilt patterns and small projects.

Have fun trying out some of these tutorials. If you use any of them, please come back and leave a link or picture. The bloggers who posted the tutorial would love to see your work too.

What are you working on this week?


7 thoughts on “Seven Quilty Tutorials

  1. Nita Post author

    Trine, glad you got it figured out. I haven’t tried again to see what my problem was. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Anne, have fun with your quilting, as you know it’s well worth the time. Nita

    1. Clarinda

      The script was again co-written by director Francis Ford Coppola and Mario Puzo, author of the popular novel about American organized crime. Many critics consider this sequel to the film in a period of three long hours and 20 minutes is better than the original film, although some of them is confusing and leaves questions uneadwerns.

  2. Quilter in Motion

    Hi Nita. I’m working on scrappy quilts and writing in my blog about scrappy quilts. Funny how we bloggers get going on the same jag at times. I’m going to include a link to this post on Friday when I do my “Friday Finds” since you’ve done all the work. No point in my re-doing it. My readers will be over to read your post I’m sure. Nice post and I love these scrap projects, and I’m with you. There is a difference between “scrappy” and “scrap” quilts. Our guild is using true scraps to create the current Scrap Tease quilt we’re working on. It’s on my 1/8 post if interested in seeing it. Marsha

    1. Nita Post author

      Marsha, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Ihave been following you for awhile, and am tickled to be included in your Friday Finds. Lovethose. 🙂 Nita Beshear author/speaker/quiltmaker

      The Blog: Our Patchwork Lives

      My books: Devoted to Quilting

      Also available for Kindle,and the Nook

      and the anthology,Romance, The Spice of Life

      also on the Nook



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