Prayer Quilts and other Projects

I thought my goal of having 30 posts in January was kaput. I was wrong. Oh, there was no post yesterday, thanks to technology glitches that this non-techno person couldn’t beat. At least that’s my story. 🙂

However today is Friday, and the plan is to link up with The Gypsy Mama later today. For now I wanted to share a couple of sewing/quilting link-ups.

Jeanne at Spiral  introduced me to:

Barbara at Cat Patches. Barbara encourages quilters to build a UFO pile. I don’t need any encouragement there! However, if you don’t have any UFOs and want to enter a like challenge, join Barbara and her NewFOs.

From ScrapHappy, the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. A challenge to use scraps. I’ll be participating in this one I think.

From Sew We Quilt, is a Dresden blog hop. Looks like that would be a fun was to use the scraps in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

She also had the link for Judy’s Get it Done challenge. Last year I started in Judy’s UFO challenge and quickly fell by the wayside. This year she’s doing something different.  Instead of tackling our big UFO pile, at the end of the month we list four projects we’ve started and would like to finish plus four more we’d like to finish in the next month. and share our progress. Then, for the next month we can share in a blog post how we did on last month’s goals before setting goals for the next month? Clear as mud? Check out Judy’s site, it’ll be much clearer.

Last year she did a more traditional UFO challenge. I started. Finished a couple of projects. Gave away one project that I finally realized I’d never finish, so in one respect it was a success. However, I didn’t clear out my UFO stack. I’ll be signing up with Judy again.

My four goals for January are:

Two prayer quilts. They’re both with the tops in various stages of finished. Need to finish the tops, tie (and pray), bind, and deliver them.

Finish my hoodie that doesn’t have a hood. Not a quilt, but a quilty project. Plus, it’d be nice to finish and wear it.

Four blocks for the Underground Railroad Sampler. This quilt needs to be finished by April, I’ve agreed to finish it in time for the local quilt show. Although the quilt show might not happen, I want to keep my commitment. I have the fabric and the patterns all together in a box, it just hasn’t been started yet.

Complete the top for the ZigZag quilt. These were quilt squares that my guild exchanged. They need to be at least sewn into a top.

Four projects I’d like to finish this month are:

The miscellaneous quilt top finished. I started it as a prayer quilt, but found other fabric the recipient would prefer so now it’ll be a just a quilt top that will then go on the list to be quilted.

Design and make four blocks for Olyve’s book.

Five “flowers” for a Flower Garden Quilt.

Two sections for the America the Beautiful quilt.

What are your sewing/quilting plans for the year, month, week, day?


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