Opportunity Knocking

The saying is that opportunity knocks. Of course, the saying doesn’t specify if opportunity is politely knocking on a door, or viciously knocking the door down, forcing its way in.

Six years ago Opportunity knocked the door down and came barging into my life. I should have expected it, it’s been a way of life for me and opportunity.

Beginning when I was a child and my parents uprooted me and moved across the country. Did I seize the opportunity to meet new people, experience new things? I did not. As life progressed, in spite of my lack of welcoming the chance, I did meet others, and have educational, even fun experiences.

As I grew, my parents continued to move. Often within the same town, Dad had a job after all. Still, they managed to move me into different school districts. Again, I did not relish or welcome the opportunity presented.

Six years ago opportunity once again came barging into my life. I did not embrace, or welcome the opportunities that opened in front of me when my husband left to go live with the angels. In fact I tried to ignore them. Meet new people? Have new experiences? Learn new things?

No. None of that appealed. I wanted my life back.

Opportunity however, would not be deterred. As in my  youth, opportunity was persistent. I have met new people, people who only know me for myself, not as someone’s wife or mother. I’m embarking on new adventures, having new experiences.

The chance to join meet new people and learn new things aren’t a result of not being a wife, but embarking on these new experiences are. The opportunities were always there, I just wasn’t ready for them. God saves what we need until we need it.


5 thoughts on “Opportunity Knocking

  1. Nancy

    Your quilts are lovely. I always wanted to learn how to quilt and use it for a ministry, I think because I always thought I should have been born in the 1800’s and lived in the Colonial era…Even with all the newest technology and gadgets I think I would be happier in that era. Thank you for sharing it’s always fun to do Five minute Fridays, I’ve been doing them for over a year but I’m not consistent with them.

    1. Nita Post author

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m not very consistent with the FMF either, I keep trying though. Couldn’t leave a comment on your blog about Coffee, Eggs, or Carrots, but I loved it.

      Nita Beshear author/speaker/quiltmaker

      The Blog: Our Patchwork Lives

      My books: Devoted to Quilting

      Also available for Kindle,and the Nook

      and the anthology,Romance, The Spice of Life

      also on the Nook


      1. Nancy

        Yeah, I need to change that template out, I do love it but have several complaints about not being able to leave comments…it was made for a wedding announcement so that’s probably why.

  2. vidyatiru

    i have not had too many moves as a child but the few moves i have had since i was in college have always been, like you said, a wonderful treasure trove of opportunities – for new friends, new places to see and discover, and more..

  3. Rebekah

    Thank you for sharing your journey as opportunity knocked. Many times have ignored the knock. I appreciate how you share that you just weren’t ready for them. But God knows!
    Over from FMF ~ your neighbour.


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