New Day, New Week, New Year

The new If you have made mistakes, even serious ones, there is always another chance for you. What we call failure is not the falling down but the staying down.   — Mary Pickford.

As far as this blog is concerned, falling down is letting it go dormant for days, weeks at a time. Still, I keep trying to post on a consistent basis and follow a schedule. To jump-start my plan, I’ve joined The Ultimate Blog Challenge. The idea is to post every day in January.

Since I forgot to post on January 1, that’s already not happening. Which means the new goal is to post almost every day in January, thirty days out of thirty-one isn’t bad.

The current schedule for the blog is:

Monday Meetings, posts with book reviews, interviews or profiles of authors, quilters, or both. Since my current WIP, Follow The Sun, is considered a historical I’m taking the challenge to read more historical novels. To help and encourage me, I’ll be linking up with Historical Tapestry for the 2013 Historical Fiction Challenge. My goal is to read ten historical novels this year. Thanks to Becca at Lost in Books for steering me to Historical Tapestry.

Tuesday Tutorials, most weeks this will be a round-up of 5 tutorials from other bloggers. Once a month or so there will be a tutorial from me.

Wednesday, is middle of the week progress report.  This is where I try to keep myself on track and post my progress with my writing, sewing, reading, and book sales.

Thankful Thursday, a recap of the past seven days gratitudes listed with Twitter’s Five Daily Gratitudes hashtag.

Friday I will be linking up once again with The Gypsy Mama and  participating in, Five Minute. Current plans are also to include writings from Absolute Write’s Sunday night  Flash Fiction challenge.

Saturday is showing and sharing. Pictures from the previous week, whether that means hanging out with writers, speakers or quilters. Also, pictures of quilts and other sewing projects either completed, or worked on during the week.

That’s one of my goals/resolutions for this year, to blog more consistently. It’s a new year, anything is possible.   Are you joining any linky parties, or taking any challenges? Bring on the new year!

Following a schedule topic schedule is difficult. I will attempt, however, if a linky party comes along that piques my interest, it will mess with my “editorial calendar.” Some days may have two blog posts, like today, because the computer and/or internet wouldn’t play nice and let me post.

I have other goals and resolutions for this year, and will probably be sharing them as the year progresses. For today, the goal is to post daily on this blog. Did you make any goals or resolutions? How are you doing this first week?


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