Travel Thanks

Whether traveling a short distance, 100 miles or less, or going far away, I am thankful for my ability to travel.

Yesterday, and today in many places, we honored our veterans, and those now serving our country. Whether they served in time of strife or peace, they were always willing to put their lives on the line for the rest of us. They spent and are spending days, and months away from their families for our security and freedoms.

The right to travel when and where we want is one of those freedoms they secured for us, and allow us to continue to enjoy.

There are many modes of transportation available to us:

By foot:

By bike:

By air:

By boat:

Even by animal:

Now, to be honest, I don’t use all these modes of transportation on a regular basis. I don’t even use some of them, ever.

For example, I’m not getting on an animal, especially not to travel. That’s a long way to fall and I’m against falling.

It doesn’t matter how the travel is achieved, thank goodness for the right and ability to travel.

What about you? Do you travel often? Far or local? What’s your favorite destination, or your favorite trip?










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