Cooking for Thankful Tuesday

Today I’m thankful for the desire to cook.

I know that sounds strange. But, I’ve a passable cook, when I cooked cooking for my family I enjoyed the challenge of preparing something nutritious, tasty, and economical. Cooking for my family was almost fun.

In recent years, there wasn’t much challenge or fun in cooking for just me. My plan had been to cook a meal that would feed four or six and freeze part of it for a later date. Sounds good. Right? Problem was, I just couldn’t find the interest in cooking.

Instead, I ate fast food, or convenience foods, not healthy at all. Now, I’m cooking more. I’m beginning to enjoy cooking so much I’ve started a 60 by 60 challenge for myself.

I’m going to try sixty recipes by the time I turn sixty. As I try them, I’ll be posting them here. Since I have plenty of time, recipes may show up twice a week.

An interest in cooking is a tasty thing to be thankful for, don’t you think? What are you thankful for today?

As promised yesterday, here’s my list for November. Since I missed the first five days, I’ll be including them as the month progresses.

1 – My children and the rest of my family.

2 – Friends, physical friends, online friends, those nearby and far-flung.

3- Love, the world is filled with love.

4 – Memories, some good, some bad, some just are.

5 – My house.

6 – The desire to cook. Today’s Gratitude.

7.- My sewing machine.

8. –My computer.

9. –The internet

10.- Ozziemy little Cairn Terrier.

11. – The trees around my house.

12. – Traveling.

13. My husband’s retirement check

14. My vision.

15.- Sounds of life.

16.-The ability to taste.

17. The ability to smell.

18. The gift of touch.

19. Communication.

Yes, I know, I just listed our five senses, but I’m thankful for each one and didn’t want to list them all together.

20. The rain.

21. Creativity.

22. Special days.

23. Routine

24. Change

25. Fresh food

26. Laughter

27. Health

28. Transportation

29. My husband

30. Pictures

As I mentioned yesterday, here, Melissa the Williamette Valley Wonderwoman has a list of items to be thankful for daily and her list can be found on her blog. Some of our gratitudes are the same but we each have our items we are grateful to have in our lives. What about you? What makes your heart sing? What are you thankful to have or experience?


2 thoughts on “Cooking for Thankful Tuesday

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