Mug Rugs

Continuing with the Nester’s 31 Day challenge of writing about one topic every day for a month, today it’s Mug rugs and  hugs.

Mug rugs and mug hugs are a great ways to use up scrap fabric. For those of you who don’t know, a mug rug is a mini-place mat or an oversize coaster. It’s big enough to hold a coffee (or other beverage) container AND a snack. The “rugs” are small enough to fit on a busy desk.  A rug can be a collection of fabric. Like this postage stamp this one:

They can be made using your favorite quilt block pattern. Like this variation of the log cabin block:

Since mug rugs are only 6 X 9 or so they can also be one piece of fabric.

Mug hugs are otherwise known as cup cozies. I make mine with an elastic and button so they’re adaptable. They can be made to match a “rug,” or not, your choice, depending on the scraps you have available.

What do you do with your small, or medium scraps?

To read more bloggers who have selected a single subject for the month check out The Nester. With over 1,000 bloggers signed up, there’s sure to be a subject of interest to you.


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