Half Dozen Things To do with Scraps

Half a Dozen Ways to use your Fabric Scraps

Quilters all have scraps.  Lots of scraps. Scraps of ever size, shape, color and texture. I’m no different. My scrap box runneth over.  With so many scraps, finding ways to use them seemed appropriate. From my collection, here are ten things you can do with your fabric scraps:

  1. Make no-sew quilted Christmas wreath (use a Styrofoam wreath base) and Christmas ornaments (start with a Styrofoam base.) Now that Christmas is behind us, use appropriate colors to make a wreath to welcome Spring or Summer, which will soon be here.
  2. Extra small scraps, like those we acquire when we square up a block can be used as packing material,  when shipping gifts or when storing dishes or other “breakables.” More ecological than using plastic “peanuts.”
  3. Stuffing for small the always popular “plushies,” pin cushions, or pillows for your pets.
  4. Filler for boot stuffers. Like these made  at Rose Prairie Quilts Another good use for those extra small scraps. Not to mention bigger scraps (sleeves cut off a shirt, or jean legs)can be used to make the actual stuffer.
  5. String quilt or block that can be made into  place mat, purse, tote, or appliqued to a shirt.
  6. Mug Rug.

I hope this helps you find a way to use even your smallest scraps. What do you do with your left-over fabric?


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