Welcome with Scraps

It’s still Friday. Barely. There’s still time to do the The Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Friday Challenge.

I posted earlier today about making hexagons from circle scraps for the 31 day challenge. Now it’s time to write for 5 minutes for the Five Minute Challenge.



Since my word for the 31 days Challenge is “Scraps” the goal here was to combine “scraps” and “welcoming.”

For me quilts are made from scraps and quilts welcome us home. Quilts wrap around us giving comfort and love. Quilts make us feel welcome wherever we are.

I know this, because that’s why I first fell in love with quilts. My grandmother described where she obtained the scraps of fabric for a particular quilt. I learned as I listened that we all have a place and we are welcome in our place.

It may take us some time to find our place in this world, but that place exists and we will find it. Just as the quilter finds the right place to use the different size pieces of fabric.

Quilts welcome us, making us feel at home, even when far away. Those scraps that are pieced together offer us so much more.

11:10 Stop

For more post on Welcome, check out The Gypsy Mama. For more posts dedicated to one subject for the month, check out The Nester.

What makes you feel welcome? What do you offer others to make them feel welcome?


One thought on “Welcome with Scraps

  1. charis

    i am the link after you at five minute fridays – i love how you wove both topics together. very creative take on welcome. i would love to quilt someday – i don’t sew at this point (don’t have a machine), but someday! you are right – quilts are incredibly homey and welcoming.

    my recent post: you’re welcome


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