Scrap Jars Day 3- 31 Days

I found a new water bottle last week. A recyclable, reusable, convenient and scrap water bottle. It was not being used for anything else.

At first I worried about carrying and using a glass water jug. Then I remembered, way back when I was a baby, all the baby bottles were glass. Didn’t seem to hurt us much.      My new portable water container is easily washed for reuse and has a lid to keep the liquid from spilling. All it needs is for me to make a cozy for it to keep the drink cool. The cozy will also act as a container to hold the broken pieces should I drop my new water bottle.

It has a wide opening for adding ice and is easily managed while driving. I have a fancy plastic water bottle, made of “safe” plastic. The problem with it is, it’s too tall. It feels awkward to use. It’s harder to feel clean, since I don’t use a fancy electric dish washer.     Since I live in a rural area, I call my new reusable water bottle, “the redneck water bottle.”

It comes in several sizes,  I prefer the pint. It’s easier to hold and isn’t too heavy when filled with ice and water.  Yes, my red-neck water bottle is a canning jar. Most people use canning jars to preserve food for the coming winter. That is a good purpose for them. But, the extra jars that don’t get used, or one bought with food in it that isn’t safe to reuse as a canning jar is a scrap jar and makes a good water bottle.

I’m not the only one who thought of using a scrap jar as a new, cool on-the-go drink container.  Kara over at Kara’s Party Ideas used the metal jar ring to old an inverted cupcake liner place on her jar. She then poked a hole in the cupcake liner and insert straw. Viola! She used these recyclable, non-spillable, drink containers for a three-year olds birthday party.      

Jasie from Fine and Feathered, added a hole and washers to the metal lid of her water jar to hold a straw.

Me? I just add the plastic lid to mine jar, and remove it for drinking. Although, the straw ideas sound good, I may borrow them too.

There are other ways to use scrap jars too. Garden Therapy used scrap jars to make solar lights.

What do you do with your scrap jars?


5 thoughts on “Scrap Jars Day 3- 31 Days

  1. Kelly

    Had never thought of using them as a portable water bottle. Duh! :: see my hand to forehead ::: We have a local cafe owner who uses the reg. mouthed quarts to serve homemade lemonade shake-ups in. They just seem to taste better!

    1. Nita Post author

      I know. You’d think a couple of red-neck girls like us would have thought of the portable water bottle ages ago. Beverages do just seem to taste better in a mason jar, of any size.

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