31 Days of Scraps-Books

Do you have telephone books, magazines, catalogs, even “real books” in your scrap pile, recycle bin or trash? Me too.

I “saved” a telephone book from immediate fodder for the landfill the other day to make a tree. Much like the ones Stephanie Lynn has on her blog, using a catalog.  My “book tree” is still a work in progress, and I don’t have a picture.

Paperback books work well on this project also. Back when I was a kid (you know, the dark ages?), my girl scout group made them with Reader’s Digest Magazines. More recently a friend showed me hers made from discarded paper back books. Whatever book is in your scrap pile will work.

Trees aren’t the only thing books can become. The ladies over at Ashbee Design  have some fun examples of other ways to decorate with books.

Since I grew up in a generation of “don’t fold down pages in books,” this freedom to purposely fold the pages makes me feel a little wild. Go with your “wild side” do something fun with a discarded book, or magazine.

This month I am following  The Nester’s 31 Day Challenge.  Over 1,000 other bloggers are participating in a link up, and have chosen to write about one topic for 31 day. As you can see, I selected “scraps.”  There are some great subjects being covered over at the Nesting site, check it out.


2 thoughts on “31 Days of Scraps-Books

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  2. Kelly

    These trees also make great angels. Use a styrofoam ball for the head (or a doll head) and paper doilies folded in half for wings. They’re adorable! Great to see you on Day 2. Keep Going!


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