Changing the Focus

Joining up with Lisa Jo at The Gypsy Mama and Five Minute Friday.

This is when we write for 5 minutes, using a prompt from Lisa Jo. Just writing what we think, no editing, what we think is what we write. 🙂

Today’s word: Focus


“Focus on the moment,” I told myself repeatedly. Focus on the good things. Focus on what you have.

I tried. Really I did. The stupid internet and my computer didn’t make it easy. It seemed every site broadly proclaimed the day as Sep. 12.

I didn’t think to take the calendar off my desktop. So every time I logged on to write, or play a game, there it was front and center, the date, Sep. 12.

Of course, the fact that the historic date of Sep. 11 was discussed, and memorials mentioned everywhere, on television, on the radio, and of course on Facebook. Sep. 11, was bad for all of us. Too bad Sep. 12 follows it.

Today is Sep. 14; I will focus on my grand-daughter, whose birthday is today, two days after her grandpa’s and her brother who will turn 3 on Sunday.

The twelfth is past, now it is easier to focus on the good things of life. The things I wouldn’t have had, had he not been born. Now, I can celebrate his birthday. I can focus on the good of knowing him, being married to him, and yes, fighting with him.

Now, the focus can be taken off the hole he left in my heart and life when he went to live with the angels.


Five Minute Friday



5 thoughts on “Changing the Focus

  1. Lisa

    From one of my favorite books, A Severe Mercy, “How could one person leave an emptiness that was galaxy-wide? If the person is deeply loved and deeply familiar the void seems greater than all the world remaining…but grief is a form of love.”

    Thinking of you in your pain….where it hurts deep in the gut and seeps tears.

  2. Monica

    This is so very touching, “Now, the focus can be taken off the hole he left in my heart and life when he went to live with the angels.” My heart cries out with you. Prayers abound.


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