Daily Bravery

Two posts in one day. Whoo, what a change. But it is Five Minute Friday, and time to play with all the bloggers at The Gypsy Mama. We write for five minutes, no thinking (well, a little thinking), but no re-thinking, no editing, just writing the words as they come to us and then posting them.


Ready? Set. Go –


Sometimes we think we know what brave is and who is brave. Firemen who go into burning buildings are brave. Policemen who stop traffic offenders, never knowing what they’ll face when approaching the car. Our military people are brave, going into scary situations to protect us. Missionaries are brave, going to unfamiliar territories, either at home or abroad, to teach the word of God.

Bravery is found everywhere, in everyone.

My babies were brave when they first started walking. Taking that first step, letting go of my hand and stepping toward their daddy was beyond brave.

When they started school they were brave. Leaving the security of our home, and going out on their own, to a roomful of people they didn’t know. Going to a new experience.

When they married they and their spouses were brave. Stepping away from their families again, and starting a new family with each other.

I was brave when we buried my husband. I’ve been brave everyday since, some days more brave than others.

I’m not alone, other women have braved this same frontier.

What makes all of us brave? The security of our families love. Our physical families, my kids always knew we would be there for them. But also, the love of our heavenly family. Even when I stumble, I know God will pick me back up.

It’s easier to be brave, and step out into the unknown when we have the security of our Father’s love.


I forgot to check the clock, may have gone a little over the five minutes. But, here it is. Now it’s your turn, what do you have to say in five minutes about  BRAVE? Be brave and take a turn at this five minute thing. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Daily Bravery

    1. Nita Post author

      Thanks for the hugs Sam, they helped. Especially Friday, when I celebrated being here another year without him. I’m sure you have days when you’re brave too. Quilted blessings.

    1. Nita Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Kate. I hope you’re able to be brave when tackling those small, solitary feats that threaten you. Quilted blessings.


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