Not Really Empty

It’s Friday. That means time for Five Minute Friday where I write for five minutes, unedited (oh scary) and link up with The Gypsy Mama.

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. Please visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments.



It sits empty, a testament to another time. Falling down and in, this house that lives down the road from me. Outside, the roof is caving, the walls are leaning, inside, the ceiling is drooping, and the floors are more holes than boards. It looks empty, no life left.

Looks can be deceiving though. On the door jam is still the faint line marks where someone measured a child’s growth. Palling from the walls, but still hanging on, is wallpaper, carefully selected to add joy and beauty to the home.

The furniture is gone, the people have left, all that remains is the skeleton, the shell of what once was.

Some days I feel like that house. Empty and depleted, noting left. But then the sun comes up, a note comes in the mail from a friend, or a child calls and instantly I’m filled again. I am reminded, I’m never alone, never completely empty. God sees to that.

End. 9:44 Whoo-hoo, I did it. You can read others take on the word EMPTY at The Gypsy Mama, come and join us, or just offer your support by reading (and commenting on) some of our ideas


12 thoughts on “Not Really Empty

  1. Nita Post author

    Thanks for stopping and commenting. When you start to fill ragged, or empty, just stop for a minute and let God fill you. Quilted blessings.

  2. Alecia

    Nice analogy!
    I used to walk into old homes and imagine who used to live there, what they looked like, what their daily routines looked like in this old home that now is falling in, but was once a home to someone.
    God knows what we need and in His perfect timing always allows us to see we never walk this world alone.
    Nice five minute post!!

    1. Nita Post author

      Thank you Alecia. Sometimes I worry that my rambling keeps me from making a point. Maybe my rambling leads me to another point entirely. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the analogy. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Paula

    Great description of an old “empty” house. I feel that way at times, too. I’m thankful, though, that those empty times seem to be the times that God fills me up and wakes me up the most.

  4. Leslie

    I love pictures of houses or barns, old and falling. Your word picture is perfect. As always, it’s the perspective. I wrote about a house, also, it was the one I left, empty yet full.

    1. Nita Post author

      It’s a great exercise Jenn. I usually just close my eyes, hold my breath, and click “post.” Because, if I thought about it I wouldn’t post the stuff I write with the 5 min. deadline. It’s good practice, and sometimes helps me get to the point. I hope you do try it. I’d love to read your take on whatever prompt LisaJo gives us.

  5. Pam Williams

    Love this! I could see that empty house in my mind. I could relate to how you can be empty and then something happens — you are filled again. Really nice post

    1. Nita Post author

      Thank you for the nice compliment Pam. Descriptions are NOT my strong suit, so it makes me feel great to know you could see the house in your mind. Yes, we are constantly being refilled, if we will just accept the filling. 🙂

  6. simplystriving

    Beautiful imagery you laid out for us…thank you! Our bodies are mere houses for our soul, after all…
    I’ll be striving to not let my run ragged…Thank you for encouraging me to think about this!

    Blessings to you!
    All for Him,


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