Delight in the Light

It’s Friday once again, that means hooking up with LisaJo and others at The Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday.

      1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.

Delight in the Light

My cousin used to refer to me as “light dependent.” She says it with a smile, because she in NOT light dependent. While I enjoyed sitting in her dark living room visiting with her, if I needed to get us anything, I had to turn the light on. She, on the other hand, had no need for the light. She simply went about her routine in the dark. Because she was/is totally blind.  Today we live miles apart and seldom get together to visit. Her words seemed  today, because I delight in the light, in the ability to see.

When I first moved to this house, after my husband’s death, our area had a storm that took out the electricity for many homes for hours. Not my house though, my house remained lit. I like to think it’s because God was taking care of me. My life was already in an emotional darkness, I didn’t need to be in the dark physically also.

This morning, as I was thinking about this post the sun was trying to shine, but the clouds were blocking most of the light. Most, not all. I drank my tea and watched as the darkness of the night receded and the light of the day began to take over. The sun still isn’t shining brightly, but it’s light has brightened the day.

Yes, being light dependent, I delight in the light. The electricity that lights my home after the darkness of night invades, the light the sun offers to send the night scurrying, and the light the Lord offers to brighten our lives, and chase the darkness away.

Your Turn. Here’s the particulars:

      1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
        2. Link back to The Gypsy Mama so others can read your post.


          3. Invite others to join in. If you play, please come back here and leave a link, would love to read your five minute take on Delight. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Delight in the Light

  1. maritesmabugatsimbajon

    What can I say? Today, I woke up a little early from my usual time because light shone through a gap between the window and the dark blue curtain in the bedroom. I had just watched an old movie ‘Pitch Black’ last night and imagined all the evilness that will be lurking in the dark or the thoughts of fear grasping my mind if I were in the same pitch darkness. I would wish for a pair of gleaming silver eyes to be able to see like Riddick but this is just unreal. The REAL light is to seek God and feel His comforting protection and then we will be able to see through darkness. No more fear. No more falling in the dark. No more doubts because the Light that we believe in, is the Trust we give back.

    You got a very wonderful story about being light dependent; Delight in the Light. He gave you that special light to write it down and share it. Thank you, Nita!

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