Quick Projects for fun and Gifts

It’s Thursday Tutorial here at Patchwork Lives. The blog may look a little different this month, in addition to actually posting on a regular basis, (we can always hope) most of the posts will be about quilts or quilting.

To begin the month I have three tutorials that other quilters have so generously shared. First up is The Moda Bakeshop with a tutorial for wash cloths that would make a great housewarming, or baby shower gift. My two cents? If you’re making them as a baby gift use flannel on one side, make it even softer.  I wonder how these would work with minke fabric? I’ll have to see if I have any and give it a try. 🙂 This cute, easy to follow tutorial is from AnneMarie Chany of Gen X Quilters.

Next, just in time for Valentine’s Day is this cute needle case from Marsha at On the Go Quilting. If you give Valentine gifts at your quilt guild, or have a guild door prize it would be a nice gift to give. Of course you don’t have to use valentine themed fabric, you could use any fabrics and change-up the applique once you’ve learned the method. I’m not a big fan of hearts, so I think I’ll put a butterfly on mine.

Finally, have you seen those commercials on television about giving the spare toilet roll dignity and a cover? Of course it’s for a particular brand of toilet paper and they offer a free cover. Except, it’s ugly. Ok, ugly might be too strong of a word, but I don’t like it. While I’m not a matchy – matchy kind of person, that particular cover clashes with my whole house. 🙂

Never fear, a quilter from Australia, QuiltJane has us covered. 🙂 She even has a contest going on now, Rules and instructions are here. So, go ahead and make your own cover and join in on the fun.

That’s it for today, three tutorials for you. They’re all small, and fun. Enjoy. If you make any of these projects please share them here.

A final note: I know I’ve been AWOL the last week or so, I was working fast and furious on entries for a writing contest. Made the deadline with 15 minutes to spare, whew! Wrote, and/or polished (a couple of entries were WIPs that needed tweaking) six manuscripts including two book entries. Now that the contest deadline is past, the blog will be receiving more of my attention.

And, it’s one month into the new year. Already? How are your resolutions/goals coming? Mine, not so well. It’s time to step back up to the sewing machine, computer (for blog updates) or out into the sunshine and get busy.

Goal Recap:I did a recap of my January sewing/quilting goals here. Did you do better? You had to do better, share your successes with us.



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