Changing Directions – The Quilt of Healing

Quilters love giving their quilts away almost as much as they enjoy making the quilts. In part, because if we didn’t give some away we’d soon be smothered by our creations. However, the real reason we give our quilts away is to share the love. We give quilts to loved ones, so they can be wrapped in our love even when we are far away. We give quilts to charities, to wrap those affected in love, warmth and knowledge that there are  people who don’t even know them that care about them.

When Pat, a quilter from Owasso looked for a home for her quilts, she quickly selected a Hospice in Texas that had been there for a family member. She had taken quilts with her on previous visits to family and the Hospice was always glad to receive the quilts. However, on one trip the destination of her quilts changed.

She traveled to Texas shortly after wildfires had swept that portion of the state, leaving people homeless and without anything. One of her family worked with these fire-damaged people helping them get on their feet. He asked if he could give the quilts to those folks this time. She quickly agreed, and her quilts loaded in his car for him to take to the ‘office’.

When he returned that evening he told her about one of the women who received one of her quilts. The woman had gone to work the morning of the fire, returning that evening to find the fire had swept her neighborhood. Her house, and all her belongings was in ashes. The only things she ‘salvaged’ were the clothes she’d worn to work, her purse, and her car. Everything else was gone.

When presented with the quilt and a place to live, she hugged the quilt as though inhaling the love stitched into it. She was happier with the quilt than the fact they’d found lodging for her. The quilt began her healing.

Neither of the quilts pictured were the donation quilt, but wouldn’t someone love to receive either of them? These are from the 2011 Kiamichi Quilt Guild show, “Fall in Love With Quilts.” The one at the top is titled “See ‘n Red” and is the creation of Sharon Savard.

This one (below), is the “Little Camp Quilt” is  by Pat Cotton of McAlester.


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