Marketing Ripples

Throw a rock in a pool of water and watch how far the ripples move out from the center, where the rock landed. Our book promotions are much the same, especially online. We don’t know who will read and react (by making a purchase) to our words, but we keep sending them out there to cyber space.

Online promotional ideas aren’t endless; at least I think there’s a finite number of them. I haven’t found the end yet. Of course, each author has his/her own spin, making the ideas go even further.

So far I blog, you’re reading it, remember? Have a Facebook and Twitter account, and use my email to help grow my readership and establish my platform.

Email sounds a little clunky, slow, and old-fashioned. But, I don’t mean sit and carefully compose individual email after email, although, for some that might not be a bad idea. No, first, add a signature to every email you send that tells a little something about your book.  You can add a sentence or two enticing your correspondent to find and read your book. Of course, finding it won’t be hard for them, you’ll also have a link in your signature that will let people click and buy.

Quilter, Jane Skoch who uses the name Maiden Jane, simply lists her website, her blog, and her Etsy store under her signature:

Jane Skoch

Author Pat Browning lists the name of her book, where to find it, her blog and a quote from Paul Newman, giving credit to where she found it:

Pat Browning
ABSINTHE OF MALICE (Krill Press 2008)
Kindle and Nook E-book $2.99
“Once you’ve seen your face on a bottle of salad dressing, it’s hard to take yourself seriously.”–Paul Newman, quoted by literary agent Michael Larsen in his blog

Linda Formichelli, author, writing coach and teacher simply lists her website below her name:

Linda Formichelli

My publisher/editor Dan Case simply lists all the places online he can be found:

Dan Case, editor
Writing for DOLLARS!
AWOC.COM Publishing
Web site

I currently mention I’m available to speak to groups, my blog address, and where to find my book. In the past I’ve also included a short, two or three sentence excerpt from the book to entice readers.

The nice thing about the email signature, it’s fluid, flexible, you can change it on a whim. Have a new book published? Add it to your signature. Find another quote you like better? Add it to your signature.

You’re not through with email yet. Now, you have everyone who receives an email from you learning about your book(s), you can send emails to help grow your readership.

If you have a book signing, give a presentation, or simply have good news to shout to the world (book is in it’s second, third, fourth printing, you made top seller, or your second, third, fourth, etc. book is now available) sending emails will help spread the word. Send an email to every family member, of course. They may already have your book, or not, this might encourage them. A simple reminder from you about your book, will jog their memory that “oh yeah, I have a relative with a book” and they’ll tell their friends. Plus, it’s just nice to share good news with family, same thing with close friends.

You can also send an email to organizations you belong to. They can include the information in their next newsletter or communication with the group. Be very careful sending individual emails to addresses you glean from the membership rolls, you don’t want to spam them.

That’s it for this week. Next week, Blogging for Sales. In the meantime, how do you use email to increase your readership and grow your platform?










One thought on “Marketing Ripples

  1. Kelly

    I always list at least a blog address in my signature.. whichever one is appropriate for that particular group.

    Keep in mind, Yahoogroup list moderators prefer you limit your siggy line to no more than 4 lines total. But you can push the envelope by ‘pairing up’
    ie Kelly Henkins
    w/a Angela Drake
    See my latest art project @

    Great tips, Nita. I’m sharing with my other writing loops 🙂


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