Saturday Show and Tell UFO Goals

A little late with my Saturday Show and Share. I’m joining up with some fabulous quilter/bloggers to finish up some of the UFO’s taking up space.

First up is the project for challenge at Patchwork Times. For that challenge we listed 12 projects, mine are here. Yesterday, the number of the project for this month was announced. For me it will be the Allen Quilt Guild Swap Block Quilt, for lack of a better name. These are half square triangle blocks that my quilt guild members swapped soon after I joined them. It’s the first one I ever participated in. The blocks need to be sewn together, then the whole thing quilted. No problem. Right?

A few of them unfolded

Stack of hst squares from Allen quilt guild

I’m also  linking up with Rhonda at Quilter in the Gap, and the 2012 Finish-A-Long. For this challenge, at the beginning of a quarter, we post the UFOs from years past that we will work on and with any luck finish in the same quarter. My UFOs for the quarter are:The Allen Quilt mentioned above. The wall hanging Grandmother’s Flower Garden. As you can see a couple of the ‘petals’ need to be attached then the whole thing quilted. More information about it is here.

Flower Garden

This one will probably take the entire quarter to finish. However, I’m also working on:This prayer quilt. Don’t ask how long I’ve been working on it. :)It needs to be retied (I had to take them out), and bound.

Then there’s this prayer quilt that needs the binding fixed and the quilt delivered:

Prayer quilt #2

Yes, I started this quilt after the first one and it’s closer to being finished, but that’s because I had to take all the ties out of the first one, I’d made a few mistakes and it wasn’t right. I’d hoped that finishing this second quilt would give me the confidence to go back and complete the first one. Didn’t happen. Both will be completed this quarter, hopefully this month.

Then there are these growth charts:

growth charts in the making

One is almost finished, and the second one is barely started. They were supposed to be Christmas gifts. Ha! Guess they’ll be Valentine gifts. The children won’t have a birthday until Sep. and I don’t want to wait that long.

There’s also the monthly applique. Our group started these at the beginning of the year as a block of the month applique challenge. I started it, but had an issue with the February heart block. Finally decided to do the entire quilt in black and white. This will be finished this quarter also.

Yes, it does say “pot holders” however the patterns were in both 6 and 10 inch and we thought they’d make cute blocks for a quilt. I’m not quite sure what I’ll do for the July block though, there wasn’t a July pattern, and we were all to choose our our design. Problem is, most designs I think of depend on the patriotic colors, not sure what I’ll do in black and white for that month. But, I still have a little time, this just needs to be finished this quarter, not this week.


Finally there’s the denim quilt for my grandson Spencer. I have the denim squares cut, but that’s it. Since it was also supposed to be a Christmas gift, I hope to finish it this month so it can be a birthday gift for him.

There you have it, my unfinished projects that WILL be finished in the next three months. I’m sure I’ll add some new projects along also. I already know I want to make another prayer quilt. I’ve even bought the fabric for it. Maybe I’ll get it finished sooner than the other two.

I also need to make the leaf blocks for our 2011 exchange, which we’ll do at the next meeting. Not including them though, since they aren’t even started.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Show and Tell UFO Goals

  1. Nita Post author

    Thanks Rhonda, the wall hanging is really the most ambitious one, getting started on it will be the issue. But, there’s enough variety there, that surely if one thing is bothering me I can work on another.


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