The Unfinished – Tuesday Tales

Tuesday Tales is for stories. Either stories of quilts and quilters or book reviews of fun reads. None of which I had available this morning. Instead, here’s a little fiction for your entertainment. I hope. 🙂 NOTE: UnFinished Projects aren’t limited to quilters or crafters. How many of my writing friends have stories started but never finished?


“What?” Mr. Underground Railroad murmured. He’d been sleeping peacefully at the back of the closet for months. Now, something was up.  He felt the weight of fabrics and patterns being lifted off of him.  Items crowded next to him, being moved and shuffled around. Soon, the light of the room surrounded him. The darkness of the closet behind him.

He looked around, Bargello and Grandmother’s Flower Garden were on either side of him.

“What’s going on?” He asked the girls.

“We don’t know, look,  there’s Pat and Bill.”

“Omph” They all said when the male themed projects landed on top of  them.

“Railroad, Bill, Flower, Bargello.” Pat recognized his fellow fabric projects.

“What’s the deal?” Bill asked.

“We don’t know,” Bargello started to answer and was interrupted by Railroad.

“Look out, incoming.” Several more partial projects were added to the growing pile.

They watched in awe from their location against the wall as the woman pulled sacks and filled with fabric from the closet to check their contents. She often added the item to the growing pile.  Railroad, Flower Garden and Bargello squirmed a little to keep from being completely covered, and continue watching the melee.

The women left the closet and moved to the bed. Hidden under the bed were more boxes of fabric and projects to be unearthed.  After clearing out under the bed, the woman left the room. The projects wondered what the woman was doing now, they couldn’t see her. She soon returned, her arms filled with more projects. Projects she’d stored in other rooms of the house. She dumped these with the others.

By the time she stopped the stack was alnost as tall as the woman herself. Projects started with enthusiasm and confidence, but soon relegated to the “To be Finished Later” division. Except, she seldom revisited this area. Projects were left to linger, parts cut, but not attached, discarded before being quilted. Projects meant to bring a smile and joy to lives were left to reside in the darkness, hidden from view.

The woman adjusted the pile of projects briefly before snapping a picture of them. She then sorted through the pile and pulled out a few select projects.

“Whee! Here we go again.” Flower Garden shouted when she was pulled from the pile. She watched in awe as the woman sifted through the mountain of unfinished projects and selected several more  finds, including her friends, Bargello, Underground Railroad, Pat and Bill.

“What’s she doing now?” Bargello whispered to Flower Garden.

“I don’t know, watch, she’s writing all our names on her computer.”

Bill, the most finished of the projects, reached around to read what their maker was doing. After a few minutes he settled back down with his friends.

“They’re gathering together” he whispered. “Those sewing folks and they’re writing down some of us, their unfinished projects.”

“There’s more of us?” Flower dropped one of her hexagons.

Bargello, who had been sewn into strips, but never cut into the squares, lifted the hexagon with one of her strip sets. “Careful Flower.”

“Thanks Bar.” Flower replied to her friend, she pulled her hexagon back into place.

“Ah, that explains it.” Railroad boomed.

“What?” The girls questioned.

“Explains why she pulled all of us unfinished ones out, then sorted through for twelve of us.” Railroad said

“We’re going to be finished this year.” Flower squealed.

“Yeah, maybe, don’t be too sure” Railroad cautioned.

“She pulled us out of hiding, she took a picture of us.” Bargello started.

“And, she listed us with her friends.” Flower finished.

“Well be complete, we’ll swing from the stars, we’ll bring sunshine to the world” the other projects started sing-songing.

“That doesn’t rhyme.” Flower said.

“Doesn’t matter”  one of the other projects told her, “that’s what we’re going to do. When she finishes us, and we’re where we belong, we bring sunshine along.”

“And, we’ll be so happy we’ll swing from the stars.” Another project finished the thought.

“Listen” Frank said.

All of the projects hushed quieted. Soon they heard it, a chorus the humans couldn’t hear, fabric voices over a thousand projects strong, “We’re going to swing from the stars, We’re going to bring sunshine.”

Everyone smiled. By the end of the year the stars would be decorated with finished projects. The projects would no longer be hidden from view in the back of the closet, or under a bed. They will be hanging from the stars.


There you have it, a short piece of fiction based on fact. I have joined up with Patchwork Times, Quilter in the Gap, and Quilt N Bee to eliminate, or at least reduce my UFO pile. Join us?

Whether you sew, craft, or write make 2012 the year you complete at least one of your UnFinished Projects. 🙂 If you don’t want to join a challenge, just list one (or more) of your projects to be completed THIS  YEAR in the comments section. Come on, we can do it.


5 thoughts on “The Unfinished – Tuesday Tales

    1. Nita Post author

      Thanks Sally. I know that rule, just keep forgetting it. 🙂 Glad you liked the story. Thanks for stopping.

  1. violet camp

    When I read Undergroung Railroad, I thought about Blacks being moved north during that era. Pehaps you could add, (and routes to follow) or I’m sure you researched the quilitng themes used for messages. Just a thought! This is a great site. I wish you great success, I do enjoy your writing. violet

  2. Vivian Zabel

    Go back and re-read what you wrote. Places are confusing, unclear. In the first paragraph, for example, you have an unclear phrase “when he was disturbed.” It sounds as if he murmurs if disturbed. Also have a run-sentence and a fragment. All add to confusion.

    Just a bit of help.

    1. Nita Post author

      See? I knew there were problems. I’ll work on them this evening so hopefully it will at least make sense. Thanks Vivian.



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