Marketing Monday

Second day of the new year, how are the resolutions going? Did you make any writing/marketing goals. Marketing Mondays is all about sharing marketing tips and ideas. How do you market your books? Social media, a blog, a website, book signings, the idea behind Marketing Mondays is to help you learn new ways, or improve on the old.

Today it’s about book signings.

I seldom do straight up book signings any more. I’ve learned they aren’t a good use of my time. There are a few exceptions: Independent book stores, and unusual locations.

The owners and staff of independent stores often go out of their way to promote and help make an author signing a success. I’ve found more success at independent book stores than with the larger franchise stores. Every authors experience will be different, however starting with the independent stores will often be easier.

Unusual locations are my favorite places to sign books. Since my book is a collection of quilt stories, quilt stores are an obvious choice.

Historical events and locations are a perfect fit for authors M.Carolyn Steele and Carolyn B. Leonard. Both have books about tracing family history.

The unusual location doesn’t necessarily have to tie in with your book. Sharon Ervin. Tammy Hinton  and Mary Ann Kerl have all had successful book signings at a local restaurant, Taco Bob’s Fiesta Grill. Bob is a literacy advocate, and encourages local authors to have book signings at his eatery.

The most unusual book signing location I’ve heard of was a nursing home. Yes, a nursing home. When the opportunity presented itself, authors of the CHICK LIT FOR FOXY HENS, Jackie King and Peggy Fielding loaded up their books and boas and made the trek to Poteau OK and the nursing home gig, where they had a successful book signing.

Sometimes it’s the location AND timing that help make a book signing a success. Donna Welch Jones, author of KILLING THE SECRET selected an opportune day and place. She set up a table at a small mall on December 23. She sold a number of books to be used as Christmas gifts. Malls in large towns or cities may be cost  prohibitive, after all the idea is to MAKE money, not spend it all on promotions. However, checking into a mall in a smaller town is a worth a second look.

True, Christmas has come and gone, if you don’t want to have to wait until next December to try this idea here are a few suggestions:

  • February 11-14, pick a day. When people are shopping for a Valentine’s gift for their special someone, you are there with the perfect idea.
  • April 7, Saturday before Easter. Especially good for children’s authors as parents are buying gifts to put in the Easter basket, or an inspirational book for an adult’s basket
  • May 12, for last minute Mother’s Day gifts, try to obtain a location outside a store specializing in items for women, clothing, cooking, lingerie, even if your book has nothing to do with those items.
  • June16. for last minute Father’s Day gift, especially if your book is geared to men. Try to obtain a location near a men’s store, sports, hunting, clothing, where women will be shopping for the fathers in their lives.

How do you market your book(s)? Have you ever had a book signing at a unique time and/or location? Please share.



4 thoughts on “Marketing Monday

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  3. sallyjadlow

    My historical novel, “The Late Sooner” did well at historical events. Also small town mom and pop bookstores sometimes have events where several authors are featured once a year. Those have been successful.
    Good info! Thanks!


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