Bring on the New Year

Today is the last day of 2011, time to get serious and list my goals. Like my friend Linda Apple, I believe it’s better to set goals rather than make blind resolutions. Linda suggests having five basic goals, after all as she says, we are not one-dimensional creatures. Following Linda’s lead, here are my basic goals:

  • Be flexible enough to sit on the floor and play with the grands, and then get back up.
  • Finish the historical/western (yes, it was a goal last year, but it kept getting shifted to the bottom of whatever list I was using. Not this year!)
  • Increase my speaking engagements, to Christian Women’s groups, um make that, GET some speaking engagements.
  • Increase quilting progress
  • Step outside my comfort zone and travel, I know, people who know me in real life already think I spend half my time on the road traveling. But the truth is, while I am gone from my house, I’m traveling well-known paths, I’m not reaching out or stretching to meet new people, have new experiences. That changes this year. I will travel, really travel not just go from place to place this year.

BIG DREAM GOAL –  attend the Oklahoma Winter Quilt Show as a Presenter. Now this one won’t happen this year, the quilt show is next month. But, it’s a big dream, one to reach for no matter how long it takes. If it’s not on the list chances are it won’t happen. Above all make each day the adventure God means for it to be for me.

Reaching those goals require steps in their direction. Here are some of the steps I’ll be taking:

1.  Flexible enough to sit on the floor.

  • Drop 60 pounds, the lighter I am, the less weight I have to heave up once I get down on the floor.
  • Exercise, start with my walking routine, not only will it help drop pounds, it will get muscles moving, making it easier for me to become more flexible.

2.  Finish my historical/western. Maybe decide which it is, a western or a historical

  • Write 1500 words a day
  • Visit where it’s set

3.  Increase speaking engagements with Christian groups

  • Blog regularly – there’s even a schedule to help make that happen – this helps give me an online presence, helping people find me and know what I’m about.
  • Submit queries  to increase my nonfiction sales – submitting articles to the right magazine will help get my name out.

4. Increase quilting progress

  • Complete the UFOs (UnFinished Objects) taking up space (joined up with a couple of UFO challenges to help that along)
  • Learn to hand quilt

4. Health –

  • Drop 60 pounds, to be healthier, I like not needing to visit a doctor on a regular basis, let’s keep it that way, look better, have more energy to play with the grands, and actually get down on the floor with them.
  • Exercise – I enjoy walking, will restart my walking regime. Exercise gets me up and moving, and burns calories, both great things.
  • Eat on a regular basis, sometimes I forget to eat, then overeat because I’m too hungry. Goal this year is to avoid that.

5. Travel

  • Visit someplace new each time I go to OKC for the sewing club
  • When I travel for a writing/quilting presentation plan on doing something “touristy” in that town or area.
  • Visit relatives and friends in California

What about you? Do you have any goals or resolutions for this New Year? Do you break yours down or just say, for example, ‘will sew more’? Share your goals, with us.


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