Finishing off those UFOs

Resolutions or goals, do you make them? In the past I haven’t. However, as part of my adventure for 2012, I’m trying something new – goals. I may not complete all of them, but the adventure will be in the attempt.

One of my sewing/quilting goals is to eliminate by completing the UFOs (UnFinished Objects) lurking about. Now, I’m not sure eliminate is the right word, because while I may finish all the current UFOs  taking up space, I’m liable to start other projects that don’t get finished, thus having another UFO pile by the end of 2012. But at least they’ll be different UFOs. Right?

Judy Laquidara over at Patchwork Times is  having a UFO party. Those attending Judy’s party will list 12 of their UFOs, or projects they would like to complete in 2012, and share the list on their blogs and with Judy on hers. Each month a number will be selected, and that will be the project to finish for that month.

Here’s my list for Judy’s party:

1. Bargello quilt (not sure about finishing it, maybe just make some progress?)

2. Underground RR quilt (since I haven’t found this one yet I hope she doesn’t pull number 2 for a couple of months.)

3. Four “flowers” for Grandmother’s flower garden quilt

4. Black and White Applique

5. Allen Friendship Quilt (from 2007, not to be confused with the new one we’ll be doing next month)

6. Mystery Project (not a quilt, but a quilt project. )

7. Bryan’s Quilt

8. Cleo’s Quilt

9. Special pillowcases (another non quilt)

10. Stained Window

11. Kashen’s quilt

12. Joyce’s quilt

Since I have more UFOs to complete I’m also hooking up with Quilt N Bee on their Facebook page. For that party we take a picture of our UFOs and then post pictures of our progress as we whittle our stacks down. Check our their Facebook page for the particulars. Again, prizes will be at the party. Here’s the picture I submitted:

In that mess are most of the projects listed above, except the Underground Rail Road quilt, I know I have it started, just don’t know where it’s located. Hopefully as I work through these projects and rearrange the sewing room that box will be found. 🙂 Also, included in the picture are: 2 prayer quilts, one needs the binding finished, and one needs to be tied and bound; growth charts for two of my grands (they need to be finished asap ); a quilt that will be hung on the wall, it needs a little repair work; and the Hobo Quilt. Since all of these projects have particular needs or dates they weren’t included for Judy’s party, but by adding them to Quilt n Bee, there’s more chance they will actually be finished on time.

Then there’s Rhonda at at Quilter in the Gap. She is breaking hers down into eight parties, two for each quarter. She’ll have a linky party at the beginning of a quarter and those participating can list the UFOs they plan to complete in that quarter. At the end of the quarter she’ll have another Linky party for us to link up and show our progress.  Again, there will be prizes involved, some of them from Quilt N Bee. Plus, Rhonda is having a guest blogger for each party and yours truly will be one of the guests. Cool, right? So, there is one of my New Year’s quilting goals – finish the UFOs.

What are your quilting/sewing goals? Join us at one or all three parties, or just list your UFO’s here. Whatever you do make it a great year, a year that will fulfill your WORD.


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