Wednesday’s Word – Adventure

Wednesday’s here at Patchwork Lives is usually about God’s word. Recently I’ve been posting about Romans 8 which some of us, with the help of Do Not Depart, are memorizing.However, I’ve noticed on a few other blogs, the authors selected a word for the year. I like that idea, so am going to copy it.

Christine Kane wrote a wonderful blog about choosing a word of the year on her blog . The post is a couple of years old, but it explains the word of the year idea well.

My word for 2012 is, adventure.

The year 2012 is the year for adventure in quilting and sewing, in reading, in writing, in Bible study, in life in general. It’s going to be a year filled with adventure.

I’m not talking about big adventures. Nothing like experiences thriller author Charles Sasser, actively pursues, I’m not going to try any extreme sports (or any sports for that matter) for my adventure fix.

No, my adventures are about enjoying the day, enjoying the moment. Taking time to do the things I might enjoy, if I just did them.

For the most part the challenge will be in finding the adventure each day holds. However, there will be some specific adventures in quilting, travel, meeting new people.

My first quilting adventure will be making a quilt using designer fabrics, something I’ve never done before. This will be a new experience. The second quilting adventure will take several days, weeks, months to complete, UFOs are going to be completed. I’ve joined up with Quilt N Bee and her “2012 is the year to finish” challenge

Sometimes all of those adventures will be wrapped up in one experience. I plan to attend a quilting retreat this year for the first time. That will be a quilting adventure, it will involve travel and I’ll meet new people, one great adventure.

To help with keep me on track, and let you know what’s going on adventure-wise a few new pages will be added to this blog. The UFO page will track in-progress and finished UFOs, hopefully some others will join me in this adventure. I know at least one other blogger is having a UFO challenge, if she reads this I hope she contacts me so I can sign up with her too. There will be a photo page for daily photo updates.

That’s probably all for now, but this is a new adventure so I’m open to changes and additions.

Do you have a word of the year? What would it be? I’d love to hear about others’ words. Maybe there’s a word to describe this year (2011), want to share it?


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