Connected Across the Miles



5:12 AM



Five Minute Friday –  CONNECTED


The sounds of the television, from the bedroom and the radio, in the living room, joined in the middle of the small house to create a cacophony of sound.  Yet, despite the sounds bouncing off every wall in the house, the silence screamed louder.

The curtains were pulled, the house bright with lights from every room. Yet the darkness seeped in, under the doors, through the curtain cracks, the loneliness could not be hidden.

The small beam of light from the computer screen offered respite from the screams of silence, from the depths of darkness.  The computer screen held people.

People willing to talk through a chat room. People leaving messages on virtual walls. People sending emails.

The computer screen, connected to the internet connects people.

5:17 AM

Five minutes are not ever enough time. Still, I managed to stop. How about you? How do you stay connected? If you’re a writer, even if you’re not, come and play with us, at The Gypsy Mama’s site.


4 thoughts on “Connected Across the Miles

  1. Kendra

    I finally made it over here also! Thank you for the love at my place, Relying on Him. I love this. the loneliness you speak of thinks it is soooo powerful… and we have a tendency to believe it. But I am so thankful that God tells us different through the friends He gives us in the precious online community. The living water runs continuously.

    ❤ Kendra

  2. metzgersixj

    Thank you for visiting my blog, Sweet Blessings. 🙂 Being connected to other people via social media is so easy these days. I love it. But I also love face to face connections, you cannot replace those. Connecting to God is always easy as He is always there.


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