Reading, Reviewing, Relaxing

Tuesday’s Tales is about stories. Today it is a book reviews, links to other book reviews, and a list of some others you might enjoy.

Some Reviews:

On The Go Quilting, book reviews for quilters who love fiction. hey I’m a quilt maker, you knew I’d have to include some reading for us.

Becky’s Book Reviews  not only has book reviews on her site, she’s starting a Cruising Through The Cozies tour, much like this one.  If you write, or read cozies you may enjoy it.

At 100 Best Blogs for Book Reviews you will find, yep, a list of bloggers who review books. The are conveniently listed by category so you can find the type of book you enjoy, click on that blogger and see what’s been reviewed. A good way to find some new books, maybe even read some in a different genre has several sections, including one on reviews of Christian based books.

A few authors, in no particular order, and writing in a variety of genres:

For more sources to find books, check out The Bookish Snob, and the “library” at AbsoluteWrite.

And now, a review from me. SHOOTERS CROSS, a Rancho Diablo story by Colby Jackson.

Looking for a good western? This book will satisfy the most ardent western fan. If you grew up on the classic westerns of Zane Grey, Max Brand, Louis L’Amour,  among others, if you enjoy the work of Dusty Richards, you will love SHOOTER’S CROSS.

The men in Shooter’s cross would ride for the brand, if there was a brand, since the ranch there is no brand, yet, they ride for the man.

The man, Sam Blaylock, a former army scout who managed to avoid choosing sides in the war, is building a home in Texas for his family. Two of his men are men he rode with, the other are men who joined up with him after his first run-in with those who wanted his poke.

With descriptions so vivid, the book is better than any 3-D movie. No special glasses needed, but the smell, and feel of the location is as real as the book in hand. During one fight scene, which ended in the river had me all but gasping for air.

SHOOTER’S CROSS, is part of a series, there will be more action-packed, adventure laden, reading with hard-working, hard playing characters.



3 thoughts on “Reading, Reviewing, Relaxing

  1. hillbillytonya

    I have a book review blog too. It is new but I just love it. I refuse to review any book that has a lot of bad language, any sex at all, or any vampires, demons, magic, wizardry, etc. I am finding new, clean, secular authors increasingly hard to find. Today I’ve spent the day setting up my reading challenges for next year. I just can’t wait!!


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