Sharing Saturdays

Saturdays are for sharing. Sharing time with friends and family. Sharing quilts from quilt shows I attend. Sharing other good information. Sharing projects I’m working on or have finished. Sometimes Saturdays are for parties.

Time with family – I’ll visit with all of my kids, either by phone, email or (gasp) in person. I always love spending time with the kids and grandkids.

Time with friends. One friend is having an open house, Home & Garden Show. I’ll stop by and offer her support, even if I can’t spend dollars. 🙂 Our writing group meets today, a great group of writers, I enjoy spending time with them.

Quilts from quilt shows – Haven’t attended any quilt shows lately. Although I do have pictures from semi-recent shows that haven’t been posted, maybe next Saturday.

Projects I’m working on, or have finished – Most of the projects are gifts, and a couple of the recipients actually look at this blog from time to time, so postings will have to wait until after the gifts have been given. I did recently make some quilted Christmas cards, and gift tags, you can see a couple of them here, with a tutorial.

Sharing good information. I saved the best for last. There’s a party going on, and you’re invited! Click on the link on the left or here to start enjoying the party. Michele at the Quilting Gallery has gathered an eclectic group of quilt bloggers for the party. There are 238 bloggers participating from 39 states, 17 countries,and 8 provinces And we all have gifts (give-aways) for you.

I had planned to list links for all the bloggers at the party, but a list of 238 might be too big. Instead go to Michele’s site where she has them listed alphabetically. Michele suggested that rather than starting at the beginning of the list, start with the first letter of your name (I’ll start with N), work our way down the list, when we reach the end go back to the A’s and catch those blogs at the beginning.

That’s a nice organized way to go about visiting everyone. Have fun, enjoy the party.

Don’t forget to leave a comment with your favorite quilt or quilt pattern for my give-away, a copy of my book (either print or electronic) and the Mug Hug and Rug set (mug not included.)

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