Color Us Beautiful



Start – 6:47

We all have our own colors. That’s part of what makes God’s quilt so beautiful.

Not just the color of our skins, although we do come in many different hues.

Not just the color of our clothes. We do have our favorite colors. Some always wear neutrals, while others are uncomfortable in anything not bright.

Our skin color can change with the seasons, and age. Our clothing collection can change.

But the color of our souls, our personality are the colors God uses in His Life Quilt.

Some of us are bright, loud, shouting the word of God from rooftops, ok, maybe just television studios. Others of us are more quiet, doing God’s work quietly. Showing God’s love through our actions, like Mother Theresa. Many of us fall in the middle somewhere. We have preachers who are great at speaking from the pulpit, and other children of God who simply speak of God when asked, but work to do God’s bidding at all times.

God needs all of us, the bright noticeable colors of those speakers, the softer muted colors of the silent workers, the all the blended colors in between. All the different colors are what makes God’s quilt work, what makes it beautiful.

Stop – 6:54 ( went a little past the 5 min.)

Five Minute Friday is just that, writing for five minutes, without editing, without thinking (in my case), posting and sharing with other Five Minute Writers at The Gypsy Mama, Come play along or just read other five-minute posts.

4 thoughts on “Color Us Beautiful

  1. Joan

    Yes, we are distinctly designed and carefully crafted. I just love “our personality are the colors God uses in His Life Quilt”.

    Blessings to you my friend.


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