Follow God, the Leader

Wednesday’s Word – Follow

Remember playing follow-the-leader? Generally it was a safe game, we followed someone around the house, or neighborhood, jumping over small puddles, or pot holes, walking along curbs. Sometimes though, the ‘leader’ was a dare-devil and did something dangerous. Did you follow then?

My children  were fearless and followed each other into whatever mischief the ‘leader’ found. When the followers (or sometimes the leader) failed in the attempt and was hurt, I asked why they did it?

The answer from the follower, “Brother (or sis) did it.” From the leader, “They did it on THAT television show.”

My next question, of course, was, “If the leader jumped off a cliff would you follow him/her?”

Unfortunately for my peace of mind, the answer was usually, “If I thought I could make it.”

Great. I just hoped and prayed, really prayed, they never tried anything too dangerous.

Of course, there are times when following is good. Following someone who has walked a path before is beneficial. That’s why so many How-to books get written, and sold. They are a guide to the reader for a new task or adventure.  The Bible is the first and best How-To book.

Want to know how Jesus did something? It’s in the Bible. Want to know how God wants us to behave in any given circumstance? It’s in the Bible.

Today’s Bible verse, Romans 8:7-8 says, “7 For the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God, for it does not submit to God’s law; indeed, it cannot. 8 Those who are in the flesh cannot please God.”

Following God’s word doesn’t just mean giving money, gifts, or food to the needy, although I’m sure He appreciates that. We need to also reach out and touch people. Jesus didn’t just put some money in a gift bowl, he touched people, physically and emotionally.

Recently my son asked if I had a problem with a particular gentleman joining our family Christmas dinner. Of course I didn’t and at first I wondered why the question. Until I remembered, the man, who was a good friend of my husband had not been available to us when my husband died.

In his case there were extenuating circumstances, the man didn’t know my husband was gone. Would I have still welcomed him if he’d known and had just “blown us off”? If I follow God’s word I would. I would accept him now, accept that he wants to reconnect with our family. I am glad he wants to reconnect with us. I’ve missed having him in our lives.

Do you need to reach out and touch someone?

I’m glad that when I forget and ‘follow the flesh’ instead of God, He takes me back. Every time.

If our hearts and minds are focused on the hurt someone caused us (the flesh), we can’t be focused on God and all the good He wants for us. How will you follow God’s word and have a joyous Holiday season?

1 thought on “Follow God, the Leader

  1. Becky

    A wonderful message today. thank you!

    (btw, I went to reply to your message on my blog through email and it lists you as a no reply commenter. Not sure if you want to change those settings or not but you might be missing out on some email. 🙂 )


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